Perfect figure: beauty secrets from the stars

Perfect figure: beauty secrets from the stars. Maintaining your body in perfect shape is part of the work of Hollywood stars, and most of them cope with this burden flawlessly, confidently demonstrating ideal forms at any age and returning to a figure in a record short time after childbirth.

What kind of sports do stars who are ready to brag about their bodies, regardless of age and number of children? Herewith Beauty makeup tips presenting the secrets of starts.

El MacPherson

The supermodel, who once earned the “Body” title for a gorgeous figure and shone on the catwalk in the 90s, now boasts impeccable forms. The star maintains her figure through daily sports for an hour. She prefers running and in any weather makes jogging at a distance of 6 – 7 kilometers. In addition, the former model practices yoga to keep her muscles toned.

Heidi Klum

The German supermodel, TV presenter, and mother of four children is the owner of not only perfect legs but also a wonderful figure. Her one and a half hour workouts, which combine aerobic and power loads, help her keep fit. The supermodel pays special attention to the legs and muscles of the buttocks, strengthening them with special exercises with the ball.

Jennifer Aniston

Despite the fact that she is already over 40, the star of the series “Friends” boldly demonstrates an impeccable body and boasts a very feminine, not pumped figure. The Hollywood beauty was able to achieve this effect by doing sports 6 times a week. The Aniston sports program includes cardio loading (hurdling, squats, exercise bike), strength exercises for the abs and buttocks, as well as stretching, Pilates and yoga.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Despite the fact that after giving birth, Gwyneth Paltrow could not lose weight for a long time, she managed to do this by working with the famous Hollywood trainer Tracy Anderson. Tracy is the author of the famous author’s dance aerobics complex. The result of classes for Gwyneth was the perfect body received for the 40th anniversary. According to the actress herself, now she looks better in a swimsuit than in 26.

Kate hudson

During her second pregnancy, the actress gained 22 kilograms, but soon after birth she proudly showed an impeccable figure. The star achieved such a brilliant result thanks to six hours of sports. During the day, the actress carried out cardio training three times, doing cycling, and did exercises from Pilates three times.

Halle Berry

Catwoman Holly Berry can afford to be caught on paparazzi beach. Her figure is impeccable even after 40 years. The star is engaged in the popular “5 Factors” program in the United States, including cardio and strength exercises, running and abdominal exercises in her workouts. The actress also enjoys bodybuilding and exercises with dumbbells, which allows her to maintain herself in perfect shape.

Miranda Kerr

Having given birth to a baby, the top model is now in demand more than ever, since her body does not seem to have changed at all after birth. From a young age, the famous Australian was engaged in basketball and gymnastics, which gave her the opportunity to quickly get in shape. Today, the model includes exercises for all muscle groups and yoga in its fitness program.

Gwen Stefani

Singer and mother of two children in their 40s and a little – the owner of chiseled forms. In her youth, Gwen was actively involved in swimming, and today she maintains herself in good shape thanks to boxing and strength training.


The ideal press of the singer, it seems, was not at all affected by the birth of a child. The star herself admits that it is a matter of regular training: during pregnancy, Shakira went in for sports under the guidance of a coach, and now she prefers Zumba and includes indispensable abs exercises in her daily workout.

Kate beckinsale

Years go by, and the actress, who became famous for her role in the movie “Pearl Harbor”, does not change at all. Keeping a Hollywood star’s shape helps with daily treadmill exercises, yoga, and strength training.

As you can see, the secrets of the stars are simple. It takes only a little will and patience. And what will your red carpet look like?

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Perfect figure: beauty secrets from the stars

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