3 natural ingredients to blend your hair

3 natural ingredients to blend your hair. You can make your hair a lighter color to blond (if you have “light” hair) naturally. I forget about the dyes, the decoupage, and the cream. Nature gives you what you want and it works.

Let’s see what are the 3 natural ingredients to blend your hair


Lemon is rich in fruit acids and sugars that remove dead cells and grease from the skin. It is also beneficial for hair because it also makes it more natural as an “antibacterial” shine. It contains acids which, when in contact with the hair, make it lighter in color. Obviously the effect will be visible in the lightest shades of hair.

To accomplish this process, spray your hair with lemon juice and sit in the sun (not for long enough). It is advisable to wash them afterward because acids do not stay in the wool for a long time. Of course, you won’t do this once and expect to become a blonde. It takes repetitions for weeks.


Chamomile blondes the hair. There are too many chamomile products exclusively for this reason. Of course, it makes your wool shine, maintains its oiliness to the levels it needs and increases the elasticity of the hair. Usually, the process is quite simple. You boil the chamomile and slowly and firmly apply it to the head by massaging it.

If you want to use shampoo, of course, it is best to leave it on for a while. Then you can go out into the sun. The combination of chamomile and sun is capable of giving you highlights.


If you put cinnamon on your hair, their color may become lighter and slightly bronze. Cinnamon because it is “dry” should be accompanied by a conditioner so that the hair will continue to have the oil it needs. Rub it on your hair and leave it on for more than an hour. Generally, the longer the cinnamon stays in the wool, the better. This process is good to repeat.

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