5 Beauty trends 2021

5 Beauty trends 2021. Each time, just before the end of one year and the beginning of the next, you tend to make an account. An account of beautiful and unpleasant moments, of your actions in the year and your goals for the new. So here’s an account of beauty trends below.

At the same time, of course, you will also be informed about trends in makeup. In 2019 we generally saw an obsession with the Kardashians model. Intense eyebrows and even more intense angles, warm shadows, and overly fake lips. In 2021 I forgot all that. The way you do your makeup changes. Read below for the 5 Beauty trends 2021.

What are the beauty trends 2021

1. Glass skin

The new year will see a beauty trend that dictates glowing and radiant skin. It’s called ‘glass skin‘ and you’ll love it. I forgot the covert and heavy foundations that did not allow the skin to breathe. This year, your skin should look like it’s made of glass. Gentle, hydrated and porous. The matt bases are now outdated. Time to invest in a glowy base and a highlighter that gives you this effect.

2. Intense eyebrows

We continue with the emphasis on the eyebrows. We all love taking care of our eyebrows, but by 2021 you have to forget the rugged, arched shape and the mania to fill them with a pencil. On the contrary, goals for this year’s eyebrows are the most natural-looking, with their hair upwards. So embrace your unruly eyebrows.

3. Iridescent shade in pastel shades

In terms of eye makeup, the intensity will be given to natural shades with a glossy finish. Monochromatic looks with a metallic finish are the last word in fashion, but then the soft, iridescent eye shades of pastel shades will dominate. Specifically, the color that will play the leading role in 2020 is the iridescent lilac.

4. Rose, cuts, and highlight

After talking about the base, eyebrows, and shadows, it’s time to deal with the rest of the face. How do you make blushangles, and highlighting? Definitely not like you did in 2020. The composition of the products you use should not be powder but creamy. Your flashes should give the wet effect, the blush should be soft, and there should be no corners. Place the bronzer cyclically to warm the person.

5. The most important beauty trends are glossy lips

Finally, one of the most important beauty trends for 2021 is none other than glossy lips. Goodbye to the matte lipsticks that we got so bored with and you adopted the shiny lips too. Make lipgloss your secret for juicy, big lips. This year’s beauty trends want you to be glamorous in nature and, most of all, true.

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