5 Biggest Makeup Removal Mistakes

5 Biggest Makeup Removal Mistakes. After a long day, the make-up looks like a mountain and it is normal. So the rush to finish this boring process leads to mistakes when you get out. However, the right make-up is essential if you want healthy and glowing skin.

Sure, removing makeup and tidying up your face looks like a chore, but it’s actually a gift to yourself. So here are 5 great mistakes you are definitely making when you get out so you can stop them right away.

1. Only use wipes

Only use wipes

The make-up scarfs are the lazy solution to get rid of. It is a very convenient solution if you are very light-skinned or traveling but not for everyday use. Sure it’s better than sleeping but you can do better. The problem with wipes is that they do not completely remove makeup and almost always leave residues.

2. You only have one face soap

Soap is a more meticulous solution for your make-up. However, it is essential to have the right face soap, special to make-up. It is therefore essential, in addition to the simple, mild face soap that cleanses the skin, to have the right demo makeup that will effectively remove makeup.

3. You will not unzip the neck and neck

You will not unzip the neck and neck

It happens to all of us, out of our haste to unravel, to forget the area of ​​the chin and especially the neck. However, if you paint in these areas, as you should, you should not forget them. In addition, the neck is one of the areas that testify to age, so you should pay special attention to it. So dedicate a little more time to the process and make sure you go through all the make-up.

4. You rub your eyes too much

The eye area is noticeably more sensitive than the rest of the face. This means that you have to be very gentle with her as this may cause irritation or wrinkles around the eyes. The best way is to tampon the area with a make-up tray and a liquid make-up, letting it act for a few seconds.

5. You forget to apply cream after the make-up

Now that you’re done with the make-up, why not move on to the next stage? Now that your skin is clean, it’s time to apply your moisturizer. So, your skin will be crystal clear and properly hydrated.

5 Biggest Makeup Removal Mistakes

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