5 New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020

5 New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020. The right manicure can take your look off and make you stand out. The prerequisite for this is for your nails to be fashionable. Now that the weather is up, it’s time to find out about the new trends in nails that will dominate spring and summer 2020.

So this year the trends are wide: from classic nails with some cooler variants to brand new ideas that we haven’t adopted again. We have selected the most impressive for you that you will definitely want to copy. To discover the New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020.

1. Metal nails

5 New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020

And this spring and summer we need some sparkle. So to achieve this season the solution is metal nails. These shiny nails are huge fashion and you will see them everywhere. They are ideal for both evening and morning appearances. To make the color better, it is best that your nails are not too close. So whether you are painting your entire nails in metallic color or just one piece of them, you should definitely take this trend this year.

2. Different colors on each nail

5 New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020

What more spring and summer than nails in different colors? So there’s no reason to limit yourself to just one color on your nails. Paint each nail in a different color in the old shade because of the season. Of course, there must be consistency in the colors you choose. For example, you can start with a darker shade of one color and end up with lighter shades of the same color.

3. Animal print nails

Animal print is a trend everywhere. Why not on the nails too. The animal print nails are an absolute must in the coming months and we have to try. Tortoise nails in brown tones, black and white nails reminiscent of cow’s hair, snakeskin motifs and anything else imaginable will be in fashion in the spring and summer of 2020. It is definitely a bold trend but if combined correctly it will succeed. For example, you can swap nails with a pattern of more nude nails to quiet the effect.

4. French manicure with thin edges

The French manicure is a very safe and classic choice. But this year, what you will see more is the French manicure with very fine edges. It is a very discreet manicure, suitable if you want to keep your nails in low tones. But at the same time, it is a completely fresh solution to show your nails well. Also, if you want to experiment you don’t have to limit yourself to white tips. You can easily paint on the edges and give style to your hands .

5. Nude nails

Nude nails are all-time classic and this spring and summer is no exception. The nude nails are discreet, attentive and make the hand look clean. In order for the manicure to succeed and look impressive, your nails should be a little further away. But the only sure thing is that with nude nails you will not fail either in spring and summer 2020.

5 New Nail Trends for Spring-Summer 2020

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