5 rules for a natural result in breakfast makeup

5 rules for a natural result in breakfast makeup. A wrong choice in the colors, compositions, or products you choose can have the exact opposite effect of what you want and so you may end up looking tired and older.

Most women use makeup to cover up imperfections, highlight our features, and look well-groomed. However, the wrong choice in the colors, compositions or products you choose can have the exact opposite effect of what you want and thus end up looking tired and older.

So to help you show yourself every day the best version of yourself, we’ve put together and presented you the 5 basic rules for a flawless morning makeup.

Always wear sunscreen

The first rule is not about makeup, but the basis on which makeup is applied: your skin. We’ll never get bored writing it: sunscreen is a must all year long, especially in sunny Greece. Purchase a sun cream that suits your skin type (thin if you have oily skin or one with a more moisturizing composition if you have a dry one) and never misses it if you don’t want to end up with patches and wrinkles.

Stay away from dark shadows

They may enhance your evening makeup and make you a party queen, but darker shades have no place in your morning makeup. We all want to highlight our eyes with the help of makeup, but dark shades are too heavy for morning light. Therefore, choose shades in bright shades and combine them with a few layers of mascara for an intense look.

Lipsticks in bright shades are your ally

Breakfast makeup does not necessarily apply to nude lipsticks. Try a lipstick in a bright, luminous shade that will definitely set your mood. Prefer a creamy composition, as matte lipsticks tend to dry out the lips. Skip the lip pencil and tamp your dyed lips with your finger for a fresher effect.

Avoid false eyelashes

We do not want to disappoint you if you are a fan of them and really appreciate your appetite to apply fake lashes at 7 am, but the truth is they are too much for your morning appearances. So you better limit yourself to mascara.

Don’t forget the blush

Sunlight is not suitable for trying to alter your facial features, as every little detail is emphasized. So leave the intense contouring on your evening appearances and opt for a little bronzer. What you should never forget is the blush, which gives color to your cheeks and makes you look relaxed at the moment. Tip: Instead of powdered blush you can use a creamy lipstick for a more natural effect.

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5 rules for a natural result in breakfast makeup

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