5 types of Secrets cosmetic should keep with you always

5 types of Secrets cosmetics should keep with you always. When travelling in areas with high solar activity and dust, you have to care of the skin.

1. UV protection cosmetic

When travelling in areas with high solar activity, you need to take care of UV protection. Unprotected skin not only burns (sometimes before serious burns) but also ages faster: the sundries, dehydrate it. Dry skin is especially at risk.  

Security elements are part of many creams, sprays, emulsions. To verify this, carefully read the instructions: on such funds, there is a special marking “SPF” – and then the number indicates the serial number of the degree of protection. The hair is also protected: manufacturers of hair products offer a wide range of shampoos, masks, balms, fluids for tanning and bathing curls. Decorative cosmetics can also protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation – for example, a base for makeup, foundation, special protective creams/sticks. And during the holidays discard traumatic procedure depilation wax – the skin is badly obligor it. If it is necessary, then it is worth at least a day to be in the shade.

2. Moisturizing cosmetic

We talked about the fact that the sultry sun over dries the skin, so it needs to be moistened very carefully both from the inside and the outside. Consumption of at least 2 litres of water per day, moisturizing spray / thermal water, moisturizing creams/oils for face and body – and you are fully equipped. It is not bad to limit the intake of salty, spicy and overcooked food – it very actively removes precious liquid.

3. Antibacterial “smell” cosmetic

In a hot climate, sweating is very intense; bacteria appear in this humid environment – a source of an unpleasant specific smell. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the purchase of a special antibacterial deodorant. Expiration can then be stopped. Many experts advise DryDray, which “seals” the sweat glands in the armpits, on the feet and hands. But individual intolerance of its active component is possible – aluminium chloride.

4. Cleansing cosmetic

The skin becomes dirty quickly, literally an hour after washing and going outside, a greasy shine appears. Cleansing and matting wipe with antimicrobial effect will help. As for the foam for washing, lotions and tonics, you need to bring either checked or names for sensitive skin to the resort: in a stressful situation, allergies and rashes can occur.

5. “gentle” cosmetics

Experts advise to abandon powder, blush with a dense texture – they clog pores, preventing the skin from breathing. But if you are resting in the city, do not abandon them at all: their light film will not allow dust particles and soot to settle in the epidermis. It is better not to use waterproof mascara – a very sensitive eyelid code can respond unpredictably.

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