5 ways to visually enlarge the lips

5 ways to visually enlarge the lips. For most girls, for some reason, it seems that they lack the volume of the upper lip. Someone goes to the beautician and injects hyaluronic acid, and someone wants to fix everything with cosmetics. beautymakeuptipsonline.blogspot.com learned how to achieve a push-up effect on his lips.

One of the main secrets of visual lip augmentation is the competent selection of lipstick colors. Dark shades, for example, reduce lip volume. In them, we, as a rule, hide some flaws. Light, on the contrary, increase.

The first way. The play of light and shadow

According to Alena, to give the lips a push-up effect, it is initially necessary to tint their contour.

You can do this with a foundation or concealer. The latter has a denser structure and therefore fits better. Another argument in his favor is that the foundation may float, but the concealer may not.

Next, use the highlighter. Due to its reflective particles, we “push” part of the lips slightly forward.

Highlighter must be applied to the center of the upper lip and to the center of the lower. Due to this, the center “moves forward”. Then, lipstick is used in pastel colors or muted colors. Better not to use saturated peach or pink colors.

For an even better result, according to the makeup artist, a little gloss can be added to the center of the lips. It will create a holographic effect. The middle of the lips seems to move forward and becomes more voluminous.

The basis of this method is the play of light and shadow. In addition, the light texture of lipsticks, reflective particles in the highlighter and the holographic shine effect. For lip augmentation, it is advisable to choose a gloss with gloss effects. Sometimes on beauty bottles, there is a glossy-full inscription.

The second way. We use shading

The second method of visual lip augmentation, according to the makeup artist, is similar to the first.

The lips also need to be toned or walked with concealer along their edges. However, when applying a light shade of lipstick, you must not forget about shading. The lips should not have a clear outline. 

Alena also shares a variation of this method using matte lipstick in a natural shade.
Apply lipstick with a natural barrel brush. Moreover, it is better to do this from the center on each lip, as if spraying. Blend the borders. The main rule is not to go too far with lipstick around the edges.

The third way. Using Glitter Flamper

On moistened and well-groomed lips we apply gloss-plumper. It contains pepper or menthol, heats the skin of the lips, stimulates the flow of blood and gives the effect of “berry” or kissed lips. 

The fourth way. Ombre technique

According to the makeup artist, for this technique, two shades of lipstick in the same tone are needed. One is darker, the other is brighter. 

The corners of the lips are carefully made darker, for example, with a wine color. Then create a smooth transition or gradient and make the center of the lips red. We blend two colors without borders between ourselves. We get a visual increase.

To understand how chiaroscuro plays, a make-up artist offers to present a drawing of a volumetric ball.

To create volume in the picture, we make a highlight, then partial shade and shadow. Gradient and creates a three-dimensional figure. A flat circle becomes voluminous, the same with lips. A transition of tone is observed.

The fifth way. We use a cosmetic pencil

According to Alena, instead of the usual pencil, professionals use stain lipsticks. They look like tubes of shine, but with a matte texture. Simply draw a line just above the natural contour of the lips. 

An important rule is to visually draw a vertical line through the inner edges of the iris and the outer corners of the lips. The edges of our sponges should fit into these boundaries. The result – lips are more voluminous and sexy.

Alena is sure that the shape of the lips can be changed using makeup. Moreover, it is not necessary to use only expensive lipsticks. 

For me, inexpensive – it’s about $ 10. When choosing lipstick, you need to consider the natural color of the lips. It is better to give preference to natural pastel colors. For girls who have already enlarged their lips with hyaluronic acid, I recommend using muted lipstick colors (for example, cashmere shades).

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