5 Widespread Skin Myths That You Must Stop Believing

5 Widespread Skin Myths That You Must Stop Believing. From what eye cream you need to the role of DNA in aging, it’s time to learn some truths. Because many times you hear or read things that may seem logical but in fact are nothing more than inaccuracies, we’ve compiled the 5 most common myths about skin health and beauty.

Let’s see, 5 Widespread Skin Myths That You Must Stop Believing

Myth # 1: “Fatty foods cause acne”

How many times have you heard your mother tell you when you were a teenager? In fact, there is no scientific evidence that this is the case. While there are many and serious reasons to avoid unhealthy eating, acne is not one of them. Conversely, if clean skin is your goal, you might have to consider restricting one group of foods: dairy. Especially acne on the chin has been linked to dairy consumption.

Myth # 2: “The area under my eyes is very dry, so I need the heaviest eye cream composition”

The richest and greasy compositions usually contain mineral oil, petroleum jelly or other oils that have large molecules that are not easily absorbed and simply stay on the surface of the skin. To avoid the above ingredients and prefer moisturizing elements that can be absorbed by the skin.

Myth # 3: “The skin is used to my cosmetics”

The skin is not used to the products you have been applying for a long time. What happens and may confuse you is that your skin has different needs each season, as it is influenced by external factors such as weather. For example, in the winter it is easier to dehydrate due to the cold, while in the summer it becomes greasy due to the heat. Therefore, it is advisable to adjust your grooming routine taking into account … the weather!

Myth 4: “I know I’ll be late for wrinkles, I’ve got it from my mother”

Scientists researching the aging process in identical twins have found that our lifestyle (sun exposure, smoking, etc.) is more influenced by our DNA than how we age. Genes certainly affect the characteristics of your skin (whether it’s dry or oily, thick or thin), but your personal choices are the most crucial.

Myth # 5: “The pores in my skin can shrink”

As much as we all would like, the pores of the skin cannot be resized or opened. The steam used before sebum extraction serves to soften the sebum and make it easier to extract. However, the pores appear larger when they are clogged with grease and dead cells. Once cleaned, they look smaller, which does not mean they have been opened and closed. It’s not a door.

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