6 Mistakes Make With Hair Straightener

6 Mistakes Make With Hair Straightener. Let’s be honest, The perfect hairstyle usually becomes only to a salon. But if you want to make ” perfect ”  straight wool at home, the only way is the straight hair.

Once you’ve found the tool you like, avoid mistakes and protect your straight hair.

Mistake 1: Do not use a protective spray on your hair

If you plan to use your straightening iron without applying hair products – a protective spray or a hair cream – then the effects on your hair will be catastrophic. (This applies to any heated styling tool).

In clean, wet hair, spray with a heat shield to protect your hair from damage.

2nd mistake: Adjust the straightener to the lowest temperature

We often think, “Because heat damages our hair, I will set the iron to the lowest possible temperature.” No matter how contradictory it may sound, you need to set the straightening medium to medium-high temperature for normal hair and higher temperature for coarse hair – it is better. ”

Why ;
In the case of low temperatures, we are likely to repeat many times until our hair is straightened and thus more damaged, and at higher temperatures are more likely to straighten.

Mistake 3: Pull the straightener down as it straightens

This technique can make your hair fall down. Instead, take with the iron as close to the root as any part of the hair becomes, it will give hair volume and more vibrancy.

Mistake 4: Do not use a brush

Before you start straightening any tuft of hair, comb it first to remove any knots. This will greatly simplify the straightening process and avoid many repetitions.

5th Mistake: Do not let your hair ventilate

Allow your hair to cool and cool to room temperature for a while after you have straightened it and do not put it directly in ponytail etc.

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Mistake 6: You never clean your straightener.

The hair straightening products we use and other hair styling products are shipped using our iron, so we need to clean them regularly.

6 Mistakes Make With Hair Straightener

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