6 myths about skincare

6 myths about skincare. There are so many myths about taking care of your skin, most of which are based on the lack of knowledge of some and are ultimately intended to buy expensive products that actually do exactly the same job as some cheaper ones. We have collected and are presenting the truth to 6 of them.

1. Your face will have a shiny clean when you wash it so you will know if the cleaning was effective

If your skin pulls after cleansing, it means that it has lost all its moisture, which will give some ground to the creation of dead cells. Therefore it is advisable to avoid the products that cause this phenomenon. If you have already happened, put a moisturizer immediately or make a mask moisturizing.

2. A sunscreen with SPF 30 protection offers twice as much protection as one with SPF 15

The truth is that SPF 30 offers less than 4% more protection than SPF 15. The key to proper sun protection is to put enough sunscreen on, refresh it frequently and avoid sitting in the sun while in the sun. its climax.

3. The richer an eye cream, the better wrinkle treatment it offers

Most rich and oily eye creams contain synthetic oil derivatives or petroleum jelly. However, your skin absorbs as needed as a sponge and the rest stays on the surface. So, because these ingredients are not easily absorbed, they sit on the surface of the skin and block it, preventing it from breathing, and can cause eye swelling in the morning. Therefore, a high-performance eye cream is one that will be absorbed but will leave the skin feeling supple and moist.

4. Oily skin does not need hydration

It goes without saying that oily skin needs hydration, just to a lesser degree. However, avoid heavy oils based on oil, since your skin already has enough oil. Prefer one based on water, which is necessary to keep the skin cells healthy and prevent the accumulation of dead cells.

5. The pigmentation comes only from sun exposure

Research has shown that pigmentation (or brown spots on the skin – panicles), not only come from sun exposure, but also from heat and hormones. Increased melanin activity can be caused by pregnancy, menopause and contraceptive pills. The good news is that by increasing exfoliation and using sunscreen you will help prevent the formation of melanin.

6. It is best to let your skin breathe at night, avoiding night cream

Recent research shows that the skin regenerates more effectively at night, between 10 pm and 11 pm, indicating the need to apply a night cream before midnight. A good way to give your skin a chance to rejuvenate when you are asleep is to cleanse it thoroughly, rinsing off the day’s dirt and applying your cream, which will nourish it with its moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. As long as your night cream is free from petroleum and petroleum jelly, your skin will breathe and its pores will remain open.

6 myths about skincare

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