6 Secrets for Perfect Eyebrow Shape

6 Secrets for Perfect Eyebrow Shape. Here are tips for perfect eyebrow waxing that will make you look amazing.

1. Angle

If your eyebrows are not angled, hope is not lost. You can create it with this simple trick: Comb your eyebrows and create a corner with a special eyebrow brush. Then gently apply a marker-shaped eye-liner on the outer half of your eyebrows to emphasize this point. The corner is ready.

2. Too much-raised eyebrows

At that moment, when you realize that you have gone too far with a tweezer it can be scary, but there is a solution for everything. Take an eyebrow pencil that is two shades lighter than your hair and eyebrows and slowly and gently apply the pencil in small, short lines. Then use a powdered powder and place it on the eyebrows with a special corner brush. Make sure your eyebrows are dry otherwise the powder will not fit properly. See also what is the perfect eyebrow shape for every person.

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3. Redness after the eyebrows are removed

If you have sensitive skin, update your beautician to use wax for sensitive skin. Try taking an antihistamine before your skin turns red. Then, if you have blush, use petroleum jelly to cool your skin. You should apply it at night, as your skin should be infused with petroleum jelly and heal damaged skin.

4. Blanks

For any sparse areas of your eyebrows, we recommend that you first cover them with a powder. Then apply with a special brush to apply evenly. Then gently apply the shadow or pencil.

5. I wanted eyebrows

If your hair refuses to grow evenly, you should buy eyebrow scissors. Comb your eyebrows up with the special brush, and cut the hairs extending beyond your natural eyebrows (then repeat the hair down ). Keep your eyebrows in place with an eyebrow gel.

6. Growing Eyebrows…

The key here is patience. But, to speed up the process a little, apply a special eyebrow growth serum locally in the area. Fill with an eyebrow pencil very lightly to give a more natural look.

6 Secrets for Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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