7 biggest skin care mistakes

7 biggest skin care mistakes. Many times you do things that hurt your skin, but you do not understand it. Some of them may even be crimes. We will show you 7 of the most common mistakes you make to stop making them!

Sleeping without makeup, not wearing sunscreen and teasing out imperfections is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The good thing, though, is that if you realize them, you can correct them by changing tactics and habits.

Mistake 1: The misunderstanding of the retinoids

Retinoids largely replace the biological activity of retinol (vitamin A). However, unlike the 1980s, all vitamin A derivatives have evolved and are reminiscent of anything that was marginally dangerous in the past. Equally, they have become more beneficial and help eliminate wrinkles, fight imperfections, stains, treat acne, while stimulating skin collagen. Just start using them slowly and make it progressively more intense.

2nd mistake: Sunscreen everywhere

Sunscreen is a must, not to mention you have to wear it daily, winter and summer, although the sunshine is limited after October. But it’s also important how you wear it, as there are often cases of doctors presenting with melanomas near the hairline, under the chin and in the ears. That is why care is needed, you should wear it properly and everywhere, not only on the face but also on the neck and hands.

Mistake 3: Skin class

Did you know that our skin is not life itself, but a type of change? Over time, the skin becomes more dry, delicate and sensitive, and it is worth noting that hormonal disorders also change its form (puberty, pregnancy, menopause). Therefore, the best treatment for our skin is one that is based on the problem we have and not on the type of skin.

Mistake 4: Break the pimples

Every time a pimple appears, you get used to breaking it, but this is a big mistake because instead of helping to deal with it, you just aggravate the situation. The same thing happens when you exaggerate with cleansing and grooming. The best thing to do is to wash your face with soap for imperfections, avoid pimples and shield your skin through very good hydration, even if your skin is oily.

Mistake 5: Wrong products at the wrong time

Each product also has the proper time to be used so that its action is as efficient as possible. Based on this logic, antioxidants are used daily to protect the skin from external factors. Exfoliators are night formulas since our skin is refreshed at night. Lastly, retinoids and collagen enhancers also work at night, since 8-hour sleep will allow them to penetrate deep into the skin and do their job better.

Mistake 6: You look at it now, not after

The 20s and 30s are more relaxed in terms of grooming, while the 40s, 50s are running and not reaching. Everything is to prevent what will happen, so the retinoids will help to deal with imperfections in the 20s, but they will also protect against wrinkles. So, the best thing to do is to look at your skin and deal with the problems at the beginning, but without choosing products based on how you stay 20 forever, this is not going to happen.

Mistake 7: Fashion is not everything

Buying a product because it is new and you want to try it first is not the best, as you may not even need it. Look at its ingredients and if they really help your problem then get it, but don’t experiment with new products just because they are new. Prefer retinoids, hydroxy acids, and peptides for fine lines, glycolic or salicylic acid for acne, green tea for redness, vitamin K for dark circles, soybean retinol, and hydrocicone for brown spots.

7 biggest skin care mistakes

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