7 Mistakes of Hair Coloring

7 Mistakes of Hair Coloring. The coloring of hair is a perfect way to rejuvenate and change your image. But it’s probably a little more complicated than you think. It seems like a simple process, but there are some things you may not know.

Whether you go to a hairdresser or dye them yourself you definitely make some mistakes that prevent you from getting the perfect result. Here are 7 mistakes you make when dying your hair and tips on how to fix it.

1. Choose the wrong color

Of course, you can choose whatever color you want to dye your hair, but each color has many different shades. You are very likely to choose the wrong shade because no one has ever helped you choose the right tone for you. The best you can do so when you choose colors is to pick a shade that matches the hypotonia of skin you. For example, if your skin has warm tones, you should also prefer warm tones to your hair.

2. Make abrupt changes

A very common mistake is to change the color of your hair abruptly, such as going from light blonde to dark brown or black. This, though sometimes successful, is a risk and can lead to a color that doesn’t suit you. The ideal is to gradually change from one color to another not only to destroy your wool but also to decide how much change you want to make eventually. It is also a good opportunity to experiment and perhaps end up in a completely different color than what they originally thought.

3. You dye the root very often

Your hair is delicate and it is a shame to have to bother dying it from the roots. However, if you want to dye them often and try new looks, prefer not to root them unless at least 3 weeks have elapsed since the previous dye. Alternatively, you can try techniques such as balayage or ombre that do not require rooting. This way your wool will stay healthy and look lighter.

4. You do not follow the instructions

If you dye your hair yourself, you must follow the instructions given in the hair dye alone. So you have to be very careful with proportions such as the dye-oxygen ratio. You also need to leave the paint before bathing at a specific time which varies from product to product. Each painting has different requirements and you have to follow them to get the job done right and get the desired result.

5. You expect a certain result

You might have picked a hair color from a dye box or a famous one whose hair was off. It’s good to get ideas from others and get inspired, but you have to adapt the ideas to your own needs each time. The previous color of your wool, as well as the specific dye you have chosen, will play a role. So don’t always expect the result you imagine because you will be unjustly disappointed. But try it out until you find the color you like that reflects your expectations.

6. Use only one color

By using two shades of the color you have chosen you will achieve a more natural effect. You are more likely to achieve the color you have in mind and not end up with a color you do not like. This way you can play with proportions and create your own color exactly the way you want it.

7. Make safe choices

Changing your hair color to something completely different will make you look very dynamic and confident. Natural hair is definitely gorgeous, but try making a craze for your hair as well. It will give you a completely different character and get you out of your comfort zone. Bold it and you won’t regret it.

7 Mistakes of Hair Coloring

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