7 mistakes that destroy the erect breast

7 mistakes that destroy the erect breast. Specifically, the breast is very sensitive, it needs proper care and treatment in order to remain beautiful, youthful, and erect.

But there are many women who neglect the care of this particular part of the body, which our face needs. Daily care, hydration, and support.

However, there are some simple and everyday mistakes that destroy the erect breast, which not all women are aware of. What are these; See the list below, discover them and correct them!

Wrong bra number
Wrong bra number

Although it may seem inconceivable to you, only 25% of women wear the right number of bras. Most tend to wear smaller or larger sizes than their normal size, which is one of the biggest mistakes that can ruin a firm breast. When the bra is bigger it does not offer the proper support to the chest and this loses its shape. If it is smaller again, it presses on the blood vessels.

Nipple hair removal

Breast skin is sensitive to hair removal so it is better to remove unwanted hair in a gentler way than with tweezers.

Chest tightness

Most women may enjoy breast augmentation, but it is not completely safe. Just as tight underwear presses on the chest and blood vessels so do squeezing. Therefore, this is one of the mistakes that destroy the erect breast.

Piercing on the nipple

Piercing anywhere on the body is potentially dangerous because it can cause some inflammation. Breast piercing is even more dangerous because the lymph nodes are so close. Also, if you have put an earring on the nipple it is impossible to wear lace underwear.

Running without a sports bra

Another of the most important mistakes that destroy the erect chest is sports and specifically running without the necessary support that a sports bra offers. Gravity can be a major enemy of a straight and upright chest.

Sleeping snout

Sleeping on your face will not make your breasts smaller, but over time it will change its shape. So if you can not sleep otherwise, the only way to avoid straining your chest is to place a blanket or pillow under your body.

Do not use creams

The skin in the chest area is very sensitive and needs care and treatment. Many women neglect to apply moisturizer and sunscreen to their breasts. This is also one of the mistakes that destroy the erect breast.

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