7 Secrets from Kim Kardashian Makeup

7 Secrets from Kim Kardashian Makeup. All women want to be beautiful and impressive. Many even prefer the flawless, perfect look that we see in famous makeup.

So, since Beauty Makeup Tips knows how much you love makeup games and that it is not easy to have a professional make up every day, we have learned 7 secret makeup tips from amazing makeup artist Kim Kardashian. foundation or foundation for face and reveals it to you.

These beauty secrets are perfect for bridesmaid and for all women, of course, if you are pale you will not exactly use the techniques of the famous lady Kardashian but will adapt them to your own type and skin color. But they are very helpful in learning the basics of perfect makeup in a very simple and easy way.

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1. Find out what type of skin you have.

Knowing your skin type will help you find the right makeup products for you. These are the products that will better apply to your skin and stay effective for longer hours of the day. For example, if you have oily skin you should choose a good primer and matte and non-oily products, and if you have dry skin you should prepare your face with moisturizing creams and creams.

2. Find the right shade for your skin.

Finding the right shade for your skin is the most important step. The best you can do is go to a professional who will quickly and easily find the right shade for you. But do not forget that the skin color changes slightly with the seasons and you have to change your makeup too. The well-known lady’s makeup artist suggests buying a corrective primer to blend in with your makeup to darken or open it accordingly.

3. Learn the right application.

Although most women choose to apply makeup with their fingers, the make-up artist recommends a brush with a smooth, soft finish or a sponge for the perfect evening make-up.

4. Apply to lips as well.

With the foundation application on your lips, do the same color as the rest of the face to create a “clean canvas” for either nude makeup or to look more colorful (and hold longer).

5. Make shadows on the face and highlight the right spots before laying the foundation.

Create shadows and light with the console at the right places by highlighting the natural glow and natural shades of your face before you apply the foundation to make the result look natural. In the image above, Kim shows us her own technique for her summer makeup.

6. Wet the brush or sponge before use.

Spray a little spray water on your brush or sponge before use to give a more natural effect to the foundation application.

7. Avoid powder.

We have seen many examples of failed powder application in Hollywood, which is why Kim’s makeup artist recommends avoiding it or if you have oily skin with minimal application to the nose and forehead.

7 Secrets from Kim Kardashian Makeup

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