8 Natural beauty makeup tips to Shine

8 Natural beauty makeup tips to Shine. Summer wants us bright and ready for action. Whether your schedule includes trips to quiet beaches with your boyfriend or strolling for cool cocktails with your girlfriends you can be natural and glamorous on any occasion. I want to share with you easy and natural beauty tips that will boost your mood and confidence.

This time of year definitely beautifies us and makes us happy as long as we do not forget our protection. The summer sun, salt, and air often dehydrate us leaving a blur on our faces and bodies. But there are many natural ways to regain shine.

8 Natural beauty makeup tips for women

The water fairy

You’ve probably heard it many times but I can’t stop saying it. Water is the best ally of our skin all year long but especially in summer. It moisturizes us internally and this is directly reflected in our skin. The 8-glass rule a day is one of the basics but if you find it difficult make your water more interesting. You can add to a jug of citrus peels and mint leaves or cucumber peels and mint leaves turning it into a highly refreshing and antioxidant beverage.

Lips for kissing

Many of us forget our lips during the summer months, although they too are in urgent need of care and sun protection. Make sure you have a moisturizing stick with a protective marker on the beach. When you return home you have in your fridge one of the best natural moisturizing products for your lips: butter! As strange as it sounds, it gives instant hydration and radiance.

Say no to blurry mascara

When the temperature starts to rise one of the first effects is the sweat on our face and therefore the running mascara. Waterproof mascara is an option that unfortunately is difficult to remove and as a result, our eyelashes are suffering. But there is a simpler alternative. Spread some petroleum jelly on your fingertips and then cross your lashes. It will provide you with stability and a result that lasts all day long.

Natural highlights

Chamomile is one of our best hair friends, especially during the summer months. The next time you make tea, don’t throw away the sachet. Keep it in place and, when you rub it, drain it into your fresh hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse with your conditioner. Chamomile will give natural highlights and shine to your hair.

Don’t forget the exfoliation

The skin of our face or body often asks for our help. You don’t have to invest in expensive exfoliating products. The best materials are in your closet! Mix 2 tbsp honey with 3 tbsp black sugar and apply it to your skin in a circular motion. When you finish the scrub, rinse the area with cool water and tint your skin with a moisturizing cream. Ideal for elbows and knees that are tougher and darker in appearance. Be careful not to overdo it: 2-3 times a week is ideal. You can find more recipes here:  TOP 10 homemade face masks

Anti-aging with berries

As much as we like the sun-kissed look, we all know the effects of the sun on the skin. One of them is premature aging. But we can have both. Berries are an excellent source of fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory substances as well as amino acids that help regenerate cells. Invite your girlfriends to say a smoothie and enjoy a delicious drink and its anti-aging properties.

Cleanse your face with olive oil

At the end of the day, it is very important to thoroughly cleanse our face of makeup and residual flue and dust that multiply especially in the summer. Try replacing your lotion with magical olive oil. You will feel the deep cleansing it offers and your face will be smooth and soft.

Aloe vera irritation

Irritations are very common in the summer, whether they are caused by our sweat or even by bites. You can eliminate them with the beneficial properties that contain enzymes deeply therapeutic for the skin and tissues. Supply aloe leaves (you can find them at organic and herbal shops) and scrub the irritated spot for two minutes. Aloe is also known for its moisturizing, detoxifying, antioxidant, cytoprotective and healing action.

These little secrets will help you take care of your face and body but don’t forget, the glow comes mostly from us. Relax whenever you have time, enjoy the beneficial properties of the sun and sea and give yourself moments of relaxation. If you incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your daily routine, then the result will surely reward you generously. Take care of yourself and get ready to shine.

8 Natural beauty makeup tips to Shine

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