9 Alternative Ways to Use Hair Color

9 Alternative Ways to Use Hair Color. We all have at least one bottle of lacquer in our house. You usually use lacquer to spray your hair to stay in place for your new hairstyle, or to give volume.

But besides the essential hair care product, lacquer has other interesting uses. The beautymakeuptipsonline.com found some of these alternative use of hairspray to try.

These ideas are for water-based lacquers, so make sure yours is yours before you try any of the following.

1. Clean curtains

Cleaning the curtains is a tiring affair. Even more difficult is that they are easily soiled. So to keep your freshly washed curtains clean, spray a few coats of lacquer, always letting one dry before spraying the second.

2. Shiny shoes

You can spray a few hairs on your leather shoes to stay shiny and clean for a long time.

3. House without flies

No one likes flies, especially when they fly home. Arms with your hairspray, as soon as you see a fly sprayed and you will get rid of it once and for all.

4. Preservation of children’s paintings

Your niece/baptist etc loves to paint and gives you constant drawings. If you spray them with varnish, the colors are better preserved and chalk paintings will hold you back longer.

5. Keeping recipes on cards

You rarely write recipes on paper or cards, but if you have some that you want to keep safe from sauces and cooking materials, spray them with varnish and they will last for years.

6. Cleaning stains

Ink and lipstick stains are difficult. But the lacquer will save you again. He sprinkled a little on the stain and wiped it off with kitchen paper until it disappeared.

7. Tights

Tighten your tights and you have no more. Neither do you have a transparent oz? What are you doing; Spray with a spray to stop the opening. You can also spray the pantyhose from the beginning to avoid such tears.

8. Preservation of cut flowers

Sprinkle your freshly cut flowers with a little bit of varnish underneath the petals to keep them fresh for days and to make your home beautiful.

9. Green Christmas garland or wreath

This tip to remember for Christmas. The garlands and wreaths we almost all wear for festivals are often greenery, not plastic. But they usually don’t last until Christmas. So if you put fresh greenery in your home ornament, spray it with a little bit of lacquer to keep it fresh and green for all holidays.

9 Alternative Ways to Use Hair Color

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