9 important tips for summer hair care

9 important tips for summer hair care. The sun, the increased humidity, the sea, but also the pool does not only affect our skin. So apart from the skincare of our face, Summer is equally important and the care of our hair.

What does this mean; Maybe we should change some of our grooming habits and follow some small but important care tips.

This is not something very complicated and time-consuming, but small daily habits that will keep the hair healthy and beautiful, while avoiding dryness, fading, and frizz caused by the sun, salt, and chlorine. Let’s see about 9 important tips for summer hair care.

Protect your hair and color with a hat or scarf and hair sunscreen

The sun can dehydrate and damage the hair. Therefore, you should take care to protect your hair from its harmful rays. The best way is hair sunscreen.

This cosmetic not only prevents the damage caused by the sun, but also keeps the hair shiny and the color unchanged.

Alternatively, choose hair care products, such as a leave-in conditioner with SPF protection index. There are many different types on the market, just choose the form that suits you (cream, oil, or spray).

In fact, if your hair is dyed, prefer cosmetics that protect the color.

Wearing a hat or a scarf on your hair at the same time creates an even bigger shield from the harmful rays of the sun. At the same time, you help them retain their moisture and not dehydrate, so they do not break. In addition, this way the hair is not tangled by the wind and does not suffer.

Limit frequent shampooing and invest in conditioner

In summer we may sweat more and our hair lubricates faster, but this does not mean that we have to wash it every day. This does more harm than good.

Excessive shampooing removes the natural oils of the hair that moisturize it. This results in the activation of the sebaceous glands in order to replenish the necessary oiliness that the hairs need to remain shiny and strong.

So you can invest in a dry shampoo to freshen your hair between baths. Alternatively, wash them even daily with plain water and conditioner or with a mild conditioning shampoo. What does the damage is the classic shampoo?

An emollient – moisturizing hair care product is extremely necessary for their care in the Summer, especially if it has sun protection. This will reduce the dehydration and frizz caused by the sun and the sea.

Avoid heat from styling tools

Now that the weather is hot there is no reason to dry your hair. So let them breathe and dry naturally, without the help of the heat of styling tools, which tend to wear out and destroy them.

After all, beach waves and thoroughly sloppy hairstyles are a must for the season.

And if you can not do without styling your hair or curling it, then do not forget to apply a moisturizing heat protection product.

Prefer loose and thoroughly sloppy hairstyles

Due to the increased humidity and their exposure to the strong sun, the hair becomes dehydrated and becomes more brittle. This often leads to intense frizz.

So if you want to keep them healthy and beautiful you need to limit tight hairstyles. Besides, the season exudes an air of relaxation, which can be reflected in our hairstyling.

Wet your hair before diving and rinse it after each dip

Strange as it may sound, wetting your hair with clean water (eg from a bottle or shower) before diving into the sea or pool is very important. This little trick contributes to hair care in Summer.

The hair tends to absorb water. So if it is already wet, it draws less seawater or chlorine. This reduces its dehydration and destruction, as well as the fading of the color. In fact, if you rinse them again as soon as you get out of the water, then the wear is reduced even more.

To further strengthen your hair and further limit the absorption of sea or pool water, you can add a little conditioner to the water you will use to get it. Alternatively, apply an oil or hair mask with sunscreen.

And of course, avoid shampooing before going to the beach or pool. You need the natural oils of the hair that have accumulated on its surface because they create an additional shield of protection.

The above also applies if you want to avoid the greening that often appears on blonde hair after swimming in a pool.

Frequent hydration and hair mask with oil

In addition to using conditioner and deeply moisturizing hair mask that you will find in stores, you can try natural remedies, such as olive oil on the hair. This is a simple material that is not missing from any home and can help you keep your hair silky and shiny.

All you have to do is heat a little olive oil slightly, apply it to your hair, and put a little transparent film to help it work and be absorbed better. Leave it for at least an hour and then bathe normally. If you want you can do an overnight treatment, just letting it work while you sleep.

Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hair is more brittle and prone to breakage. It is therefore recommended to avoid combing with your classic brush but to use a comb with sparse teeth. This way you will be able to untangle them without damaging them and causing scissors.

Do not neglect your haircut in Summer

Summer hair care includes haircuts. By keeping the ends, but also their length clean without a trace of wear and shearing, your hair will remain beautiful and healthy for longer.

After all, damaged and damaged hair, in addition to being easily frizzed and dehydrated, breaks even more.

So be sure to cut or even clean your hair every 4-6 weeks.

Drink plenty of fluids to keep your hair hydrated

Deep hydration of the hair can not be achieved only with masks and products that you use in your daily hair care in the summer. It is important to hydrate them from within.

This means that you should not neglect the hydration of your body by drinking plenty of fluids and consuming fruits and vegetables rich in water.

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