9 Natural Beauty Makeup Tips for Freckles

9 Natural Beauty Makeup Tips for Freckles. When your face is full of freckles, trying to cover them with makeup is just wrong. What I would suggest is not to cover them but to highlight them. So how can you have great make-up while still maintaining your favorite beauty marks? Below are the best tips and tricks to accept your freckles.

How to paint when you have freckles

Use a lighter base

The secret of the base when you have freckles is to choose a base that creates a thin veil over the skin. Any base intended to cover freckles will simply make them look dull. You can use a suitable BB cream or dark moisturizing cream, or if you want a little more coverage you can choose a lighter base.

Use the eyebrow pencil to highlight freckles

In winter, your freckles may not be as intense. So if you want to look as if the sun has touched, then use the eyebrow pencil to make them a little brighter. Using the pencil will add a bit more depth but it will match your skin.

Use your neck to find the perfect base color

It is difficult to choose the right base color and when you have freckles it can be even harder. So I would advise you to match the color to your neck. The easiest way to find the perfect base is to see the overall color of your face and neck. It’s important to see the neck because you can easily choose a darker color to make your freckles look duller.

Complete the gaps

If your freckles do not appear all the way you would like, you can still use different eyebrow pencils to fill in the gaps. I would recommend using a brown and a lighter pencil because they have a gray/greenish shade that helps freckles look natural on the skin, as well as a dark beige lip pencil. Mixing the three will give you the perfect natural finish.

Cover your lips with a lip pencil before applying lipstick

The best trick to getting rid of freckles on the lips and preventing them from appearing on the lipstick is to find a lip pencil that is the same color as your lipstick.

Look for gentle makeup

Blushes and bases that are not heavy and dense enough will not completely cover your freckles and make them dull.

He chose a light bronzer

When trying to apply bronzer, it is best to use a brush to soften the color. It started by putting color on the high points of the face where the sun would hit you: cheekbones, temples, on the back of the nose and a little on the chin.

Use concealer instead of whole face base

Correcting some spots will cover imperfections without dulling freckles. It’s the best way to create perfect but true skin. If you really want more coverage, opt for a BB cream and creamy blush instead of a classic base. They are much lighter products and offer less intense coverage.

Do not make a sharp border

The outline may weigh your face even more so you have to be very careful.

9 Natural Beauty Makeup Tips for Freckles

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