Beautiful skin with superfoods

Beautiful skin with superfoods – the right solution for every skin problem. The skin is not only a mirror of the soul but also a mirror of the body. A bad complexion indicates that something is wrong with the body or that there may be a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Acidification of the body, chronic inflammation, poor intestinal health or hormonal imbalance is reflected in the skin and lead to problems. All skin problems can be alleviated by a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet. The following and other tips in the free guide ” Beautiful skin with superfoods”.

How to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet

Switching to an anti-inflammatory diet is not that difficult, because it contains many foods that are not only healthy but also taste really good. In addition to fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts, kernels, pseudo-cereals such as quinoa or buckwheat, wholesome and gluten-free cereal products, small amounts of fish and meat from appropriate husbandry and fermented foods such as sauerkraut are also included.

The anti-inflammatory diet is therefore quite varied. Natural foods that are only slightly processed and therefore contain little additives are important. Don’t forget to drink. At least two liters of water are recommended daily. The consumption of sugar, ready meals, milk and white flour products, alcohol, coffee, and nicotine should be restricted.

This helps with oily skin

Excessive sebum production leads to oily skin. Eating a lot of flour and sugar makes the problem worse.

Suitable superfoods:

  • The conversion of carbohydrates and sugar, as well as the reduction of the sebum production of the skin, are supported by chia seeds. They contain omega-3 fatty acids with an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cucumbers make beautiful because they nourish the skin from the inside with plant water with many electrolytes.
  • Cucumbers can also be used externally as a beautifier. Excess fat can be removed from the skin of the face with cucumber slices or cucumber peels. That makes the pores smaller.

Help with dry skin

Dry skin can be moisturized from the inside with a healthy diet. Two to three liters of mineral water provides moisture every day. In addition, healthy fats and vital substances in the diet are important.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A that counteracts the premature aging process. It is found in carrots and other orange vegetables and fruits.
  • Linseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The skin’s natural fats are built up.

Blemished skin – the solution to the problem

Pimples and blackheads are difficult for many people. They are caused by stress, unhealthy nutrition, improper care and other influences from inside and outside. The remedy is a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet that is rich in fiber. The skin is cleared from the inside.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Oatmeal contains zinc that aids healing.
  • Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and clears the skin.

What to do if the skin is red and irritated?

Inflammation of the skin results from allergic reactions. You notice redness, dandruff, itchy rashes, and oozing blisters. Toiletries, food, and detergents can cause such reactions. The dermatologist carries out examinations to determine the allergen.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Blueberries contain the secondary plant ingredient quercetin, which has a calming effect on skin irritation.
  • Beta-carotene is contained in sweet potatoes. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and penetrates the skin layers.

What helps with aging skin?

The aging process of the skin can be delayed with superfoods.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Walnuts are rich in vitamin E and give the skin more elasticity. They improve moisture penetration.
  • Elderberry juice contains vitamin C and fends off free radicals. The premature aging of healthy skin cells is delayed.

Itchy and flaky skin – what to do?

If the skin is itchy and flaky, the dermatologist should determine whether there are allergies or if there is another cause. The intestinal flora can be improved with a healthy and vital nutrient.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Parsley is a good addition to salads and can also flavor avocado puree. It has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Evening primrose oil can be used externally as oil and internally in capsule form. With gamma-linolenic acid, it relieves itching, inflammation, and dandruff.


Rosacea manifests itself with reddening of the face, visibly enlarged blood vessels, pustules, and swelling. The symptoms can worsen due to strong temperature fluctuations, sunlight, coffee, spicy food, and alcohol. According to scientific studies, an improvement in the intestinal environment can relieve seizure-like redness.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Asparagus contains the fiber inulin and promotes good intestinal bacteria.
  • The intestinal milieu is improved by sauerkraut and other fermented foods.

Acne vulgaris

The cause of acne vulgaris is often a hormonal imbalance. An excess of male sex hormones increases the production of sebum and horn material. A high-fiber, blood sugar-friendly diet improves the intestinal flora and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Suitable superfoods:

  • Green tea has an antibacterial effect and can be used internally and externally.
  • Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin C and a precursor of vitamin A. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces sebum production.

The top 12 superfoods

Beautiful skin with superfoods. Also, Superfoods now have an important place in nutrition. They also enrich skin creams, body lotion or peelings. Since they are rich in vital substances, they balance the body, skin, and hair internally and externally.

1. The all-rounder honey

The Romans called honey heavenly medicine. Due to its moisturizing properties and its antiseptic effect, it is interesting for cosmetics. The fibroblasts as part of the skin’s connective tissue are stimulated. The regeneration of collagen is improved.

2. Shine for hair with quinoa

The pseudo-grain Quinoa has its origin in the Andes. The contained amino acids penetrate deep into the hair structure. The hair is protected and revitalized from the inside and outside. With quinoa in shampoos and hair care products, it regains its natural shine.

3. Moisturizing chia seeds

Chia seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The complexion is improved. The moisture in the skin is bound with skin creams that contain chia seed oil. These creams protect against drying out.

4. Nicer complexion with kale

Kale is one of the foods rich in vital substances and is contained in creams. The cabbage vegetable acts as a beauty booster and protects the skin from harmful influences. The precursor of vitamin A ensures a clear, radiant complexion and promotes skin renewal.

5. Rosy complexion with rosemary

Rosemary is rich in essential oils and has an aromatic smell. It stimulates the blood circulation and makes the complexion rosy. It acts as skin rejuvenation. The transport of oxygen in the skin cells is promoted. Rosemary, therefore, counteracts skin aging.

6. Glowing skin with goji berries

The goji berry is considered an anti-aging fruit because it contains the beauty vitamins A, B, C, and E and makes the skin glow. It has antioxidant properties and repels harmful influences.

7. Fountain of youth acai berry

The acai berry is considered a fountain of youth and beauty food. It comes from South America and is rich in vitamins and minerals. The aging process is slowed down noticeably. The complexion becomes fresher because the skin is better hydrated.

8. Skin protection with olives

The olive oil was used against dry skin in ancient times. It is rich in valuable fatty acids, especially linoleic acid. It builds up the natural protection of the skin from drying out. Cold-pressed olive oil is particularly high-quality because it contains polyphenols and cell-protecting vitamin E. These ingredients ward off free radicals and improve the complexion. Fruit and leaf extracts are also used in cosmetics.

9. Cell regeneration with red grapes

Red wine grapes contain the secondary plant active ingredient resveratrol, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. The synthesis of collagen is improved. The complexion becomes radiant and smooth.

10. Youthful skin with spirulina

Spirulina belongs to the genus of blue-green algae and is rich in nutrients. Unsaturated fatty acids, iron, essential amino acids, and the antioxidative vitamins B, B12, and E improve the energy balance in the cells, support cell renewal and counteract signs of fatigue.

11. Beauty for the whole body with Moringa

More than 90 nutrients are contained in the seeds and leaves of the Moringa tree. Moringa is, therefore, one of the most potent superfoods. Since the ingredients have a strong antioxidant effect, Moringa extracts are part of many skincare products.

12. Clean skin with matcha

Matcha tea is a reliable radical scavenger. It is rich in antioxidants and is one of the frontrunners among superfoods. The tea has an antibacterial effect and clears impure skin. The symptoms of acne are alleviated

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