Beauty habits before bed

Beauty habits before bed. Sleep time can be beneficial to both the body and the skin of your face since it is time for the cells to rejuvenate, so you should follow some small tips that will make you awake refreshed and wonderful.

1) Remove makeup very well

The most important thing to wake up fresh and beautiful is to properly and completely remove makeup before going to bed so that your pores are clean.

2) Use 2 pillows

Rest your head on an extra pillow to prevent swelling. You can also raise your mattress slightly to the point where you put your head in, perhaps placing another board. This way, according to makeup artist Dimitri James, gravity will help lymph nodes and blood flow so that the fluids don’t accumulate under your eyes.

3) Use a hand cream

Proper hydration of your hands at night will make them look beautiful and soft in the morning. To apply the cream on your hands before going to sleep and if possible wear cotton gloves.

4) Sleep in silk or satin pillowcases

Wear a silicone-free shampoo and use silk or satin pillows to protect your hair from damage and frizz.

5) Grab your hair bra

Hair contains greasy and dirt that can spread to your face and to the pillowcase, causing irritation. So grab your hair braid or braid or braid and fall asleep. This will avoid contact with your face.

6) Sleep for 8 hours

Good sleep can have a very good influence on your appearance.

7) Try a scrub product that does not need rinsing

During sleep, our cells renew, so this is the best time to apply a scrub mask that does not need to be rinsed. This will give it the longest possible time to act and correct the damage to your skin from the sun and pollutants during the day.

8) Use eye cream

Do not neglect to apply eye cream and do not doubt how necessary it is, even if you are 20 years old. Using it will make your skin look beautiful and hydrated once you wake up.

Beauty habits before bed

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