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Is now the right time to organize our treatment? Let’s see Beauty makeup tips for long beauty with

Semi-empty bottles, expired cosmetics, brushes,and brushes that have never been used or are not suitable, make-up that has been damaged. These and many more can be found in your cosmetic cabinet as well as in mine. But I belong to those who believe that clutter detunes our mind and our good psychology. That is why, as Marie Condo says, it is time to “remove the distractions and put the disorder in order”, in order to improve our lives and “cleanse” our minds.

Before we start… Beauty makeup tips for long beauty

We know our skin

Maybe the light moisturizing gel we use no longer covers us. Or on the contrary, the heavy firming cream can fall heavily on us and create shine. It is not a few times that we have invested in the wrong cosmetics thinking that they suit us. That is why it is good, at least once a year, to visit our dermatologist. He will enlighten us if we use the right compositions and if not, which ones to choose. Maybe it is an exit that we do not have in the program but surely in the long run we will gain more by avoiding wrong purchases. After all, let us not forget that the behavior of the skin changes over time. “For years now I thought I had oily skin with acne, so I used the appropriate cosmetics, until I went to the dermatologist who informed me that my skin is extremely dry and sensitive, with a tendency for rosacea and eczema! Of course, I immediately stopped what I was using and got the corresponding cosmetics for my case “, said a friend the other day.

We remember the 4 pillars of the treatment

Cleaning, exfoliation, hydration, protection. If we are not a fan of Korean treatment with the 10 stages, we “cut” the steps and keep the absolutely necessary. A gentle cleanser, an AHA scrub, a moisturizer and of course sunscreen are the core of our daily care. Do we already have these? Well, if we want to “build” the rest of the routine: toning lotion, micellaire cleanser, various types of mask, serum, eye cream and night cream, will upgrade our appearance.

Going into practice…

Step 1: We take all our cosmetics from where we keep them and divide them into categories according to their type.

For example, we separate the treatment from the make-up and then put each product in subcategories. E.g. all the lipsticks together, elsewhere the shadows etc. Plastic clear boxes are very useful for this energy. If you do not have them, then spread them on a large surface, e.g. on the bed or on the (clean) floor.

Step 2: Decide what we keep and what we throw away.

Definitely the hardest part of the puzzle, especially if we are beauty junkies. However, their spread and categorization will make it easier for us to answer the question e.g. “How many nude shades do I need that are almost the same?” or “why do I still keep the nail polish I bought in 2010?”.

Step 3: Secure the storage spaces.

Once we have decided on the volume and number of our cosmetics, it is time to think about how to store them depending on the layout of our space. Drawers, shelves, clear plastic boxes, plexiglass cases, vanity cases and other home organizing accessories have a huge utility, which is inversely proportional to their cost.

Step 4: Place the cosmetics one by one in separate storage areas.

The aim is to arrange them in such a way that we see their color or code before using them.

Step 5: Focus on your favorite makeup products.

We separate the absolutely necessary products that we use every day and store them in a handbag, so that we do not spend a lot of time looking in the doom. Alternatively, if the size of the room where we do makeup allows (usually in the bedroom or bathroom), we place in transparent view plexiglass cases for lipsticks, varnishes, brushes and other makeup tools.

Step 6: Dispose of the makeup brushes.

The motto “a little and good” applies here. In our daily life we will need a powder brush and blush level, with soft bristles and rounded edges. For the eyes, a medium brush to apply the shadow on the eyelid and a smaller brush with an angle to give intensity and depth to the mobile eyelid.

If you are a fan of multiple brushes, then place them in glass cups so that you have easy access and can easily clean them once a week. Tip: Instead of a glass, take advantage of the packaging of a finished luxury candle.

Step 7: Put labels on the boxes.

“Hair masks”, “deodorants”, “conditioner” etc. It is the matte movement so that in the future we can control the order in the cosmetics that we have and that we will acquire.

Easy maintenance tips

1. When we take something we put it on the spot again in its place. It sounds like childish advice, but it will make a difference in the long run.

2. Conservation is the “key”. We spend 5 minutes every day to clean and tidy the room where we store our cosmetics.

3. Once or twice a year, depending on the frequency and volume of our purchases, we make a similar discard. Only next time it will be easier, thanks to the categorization we have already done.

4. If necessary, we buy new storage spaces. It is very easy to maintain order when each object has a specific position.

5. The fewer cosmetics we have the easier it is to put in order. The measured options give us more value in the treatment, they do good in our pocket and possibly have an optimal result in our daily routine.

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