Beauty makeup tips for those who wear specs

Beauty makeup tips for those who wear specs. You can also successfully build eyes for those for whom specs are an eternal life partner. The secret is in the right makeup. How to put the right accents, read our article.

The glasses themselves are very attractive: this is a fashion accessory that can emphasize your style and add a twist to the image.

Specs visually “shorten” the nose and, when properly selected, smooth out facial features or, on the contrary, give rigor, graphic, and sophistication.

Makeup depends on the color and shape of the frames of the specs, as well as on the owner of the myopia or farsightedness. Ideally, the top line of the frame should roughly follow the shape of the eyebrows.

Makeup Secrets

Colors should be in harmony with the color of the frame – it’s quite difficult for a beginner to pick up a good contrasting option.

For horn-rimmed glasses, a natural make-up option, well-groomed eyebrows, and lush eyelashes are suitable. But the cheeks can be made brighter: apply coral blush with a reflective effect to the “apples” that form when you smile.

Black frames require emphasis on the lips and minimal eye makeup. However, black arrows will be very helpful. At the same time, the thicker the frame, the thicker the line should be. The red frame is in perfect harmony with the brown eyeliner.

The metallic silver frame allows you to play with cool shades of shadows: gray, lilac, silver, blue. Nuance: shadows should be lighter than the color of the frame.

The golden frame looks advantageous with warm shades: champagne, ivory, beige, golden, peach, terracotta. For lips, in this case, use a transparent gloss or nude lipstick.

For far-sighted

Draw the inner contour of the upper eyelid, and on the movable, apply shadows in natural colors. Plus lenses emit all errors and irregularities, so the line should be flat. Be sure to apply concealer on the lower eyelid. After painting with mascara, comb the upper eyelashes with a brush: there should be no lumps on them. Mascara can not be applied to the lower eyelashes.

For nearsighted

Minus glasses reduce eyes, so the main task is to highlight them as much as possible and thus increase. Bright eyeliner, colored mascara – there is where to turn around! You can use dark shadows: gray, brown, black. Feathering and smokey eyes are also welcome. Mascara must be present. The classic “three colors” make-up will also be relevant: the lightest shade of the shadows on the inner corner of the eye, the darkest – in the crease on the eyelid, the middle – for blending to the eyebrows.

When experimenting, take photos of yourself – this will help determine the best makeup option for you.

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Beauty makeup tips for those who wear specs

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