Beauty Makeup Tips: The best care tips to always be perfect

Beauty Makeup Tips: The best care tips to always be perfect. Beautiful, well-groomed nails, not necessarily dyed, win the game of impressions, even in a job interview. “When your nails are well-groomed, then even your simplest look is complete.” Lets see with Beauty Makeup Tips

Tips for care and protection

  • Do not rub your nails when you unzip them. Pour on a cotton swab that does not contain acetone, squeeze it slightly and then gently wipe it off. Even the darkest color will go away immediately.  
  • To avoid breaking and peeling the nails, it is advisable to trim them in one direction (eg from right to left).  
  • Before you throw away a squeezed lemongrass, think again. Lemon acid is so strong that it eliminates the discoloration of the nails. So before you throw it, rub it gently on your nails and rinse with warm water.
  • Each time you wash your hands, apply moisturizer. Abundant hydration shields them from environmental attacks and dryness.
  • Wear plastic gloves when washing dishes or pheasants. This protects your hands from the dehydration and chemicals contained in the detergents.
  • Whenever your feet feel tired, do the following: Take two basins and put them in one hot and cold water. Dip your feet first in the cold for 30 seconds and then warm for a few minutes. Finally, wrap them in a towel and lie about half an hour up (rest on a pillow). The procedure will improve blood circulation while swelling and fatigue will go away.
  • The skin on the soles is not naturally moisturized like the rest of the body. So after the shower and every night before going to bed, be sure to apply a deep nourishing moisturizer or body butter on your soles. Your feet will always be soft and velvety.
  • Most foot problems (eg calluses, blisters, etc.) are due to the wrong shoes. Avoid wearing anything that strains you and your foot image will improve dramatically.
  • Instead of pouring soap into the basin to dip your feet in, drop a few drops of baby oil or essential oil of your choice. The soles will become extremely soft and the nails and towels will soften for later treatment.

Tips for nail painting

  • Has your varnish peeled off and you have no time to unzip it? Solution: Cover the gaps with the same varnish and apply a top coat that will protect the color and give shine.
  • Before applying the varnish, brush your nails with acetone cotton to remove residual wrinkles. Otherwise, the varnish will not spread evenly.
  • To get the perfect manicure you did at the nail salon, ask the specialist to paint it with your own nail polish. So in case of premature peeling, you can easily fix it at home.
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Beauty Makeup Tips: The best care tips to always be perfect

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