Beauty secrets every girl should know

Beauty secrets every girl should know. Nowadays the world of fashion and beauty has evolved so much that you can now find makeup accessories or even various products that did not exist until a few years ago. But women, always creative, had discovered many tricks to make their lives easier. So read below some old but economical alternatives that we can still use today to achieve better results.

6 Beauty secrets every girl should know

1. Long before the appropriate creams were created, the skin tightening technique was to immerse their faces for a few seconds in a basin of cold water and ice cubes. If you can’t stand it, you can at least dive into the same basin, your freshly painted nails and the varnish will dry out instantly without spoiling.

2. If you have blond hair and want to lighten their color, you can only spin 4 lemons in half a glass of water. Wear sunscreen, spray lemon juice on your hair and sit in the sun for half an hour. Finally, bath as you are used to and see the difference.

3. When forming cat eyes with eyeliner, it is much easier to draw the outline first and then fill in the blank space with color.

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4. When applying eyeliner, use the handle of a spoon to draw the straight line and its round edge to form a flawless twist on the finish.

5. Use the same spoon to prevent smears from mascara. Hold it in such a way that it covers your eyelid and then apply the mascara as you normally would. Any smears will stay on the spoon and not on your skin.

6. Between the first and second coats of mascara, apply a transparent powder over your lashes to give them volume and look denser.

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