Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls

Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls. Discover a series of beauty secrets that all girls in teens should know. Hair, makeup and other tips for your age.

Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls

1. Don’t use make-up: Especially if you have acne-prone skin, the first thing you want to do is to apply a large layer of make-up. Big mistake. Heavy make-up is for women older than 35 years and will not only cover your natural beauty but the result will not look natural at all. Alternatively, you can cover the pimples with a concealer and then apply light powder or moisturizing cream.

2. Don’t rub the concealer: When you put the concealer, place a small amount on the tip of your finger and apply it tamponically to your skin, never rub it. And if you have acne, apply the concealer on your pimples the same way.

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3. Don’t Make Up Your Eyes and Lips: If you have a bright eye shadow, apply a light lip gloss on your lips and if you prefer bright colors on lipsticks, don’t put too much blush and choose a lighter shade.

4. The less the better: You may have noticed that some girlfriends look better without makeup. Regardless of age, excessive makeup doesn’t flatter any woman. What you really need is a good mascara, pimple concealer, lip gloss rose and a little blush during the winter.

5. Natural Hair is Always Hot: If you have very dark hair, you can accentuate it by tinting it a bit darker or give slightly lighter shades. If you are blonde, you can make facial highlights. The important thing is not to go too far from your natural color because the result is not flattering at all.

6. Use Vaseline: The petrolatum can be a great and inexpensive tool for cleansing of your eyes but you can also use it to heal your chapped lips.

7. Haircut Your Hair: It’s a haircut that fits all hair types, too curly, straight or wavy. Just don’t overdo it with the many layers because this style is outdated.

8. Do you have acne? Go to a dermatologist. Get rid of pimples that ruin your mood and this will be one of the biggest investments of your life.

9. Try some products before you buy them: Powder, lipstick, and blush are some of the products you need to try before you buy them to make sure they match your skin tone. What does not require testing are lip gloss, mascara, and most eye shadows.

10. Always use sunscreen: Good habits start when we are young so by now you should get used to sunscreen even on rainy winter days.

11. Make Your Hair Wavy: There is nothing better for your hairstyle than long wavy hair. You can use special scissors or traditional rollers.

1 2. Don’t neglect your nails: You don’t have to do manicures and pedicures every day, as long as you keep your nails clean and at the same length. You can use pastel colors or a simple translucent varnish as long as you take care to clear them before they are damaged enough.

13. Oily hair? You can search the market for special oils and shampoos. If you have blond hair one easy way is to apply a bit of talc to your hair roots.

14. Highlight your strengths: If you have well-formed lips, choose to wear strong lipsticks, if you have beautiful eyes, choose a shade that will complement and accentuate their color and finally, if your friends have pointed you to someone specific color, build your wardrobe with clothes of these shades.

15. Remember: Beauty comes from within us. Being happy and smiling and confident is the most important thing. To look beautiful, you must first feel beautiful and love yourself because that is the message you will pass on to those around you.

Beauty Secrets for Teenage Girls

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