Best beauty makeup tips for every make-up problem

Best beauty makeup tips for every make-up problem. What helps against dark circles? Can you put on droop eyelids? How do you properly cover scars? And how best to set lips scene? Beauty Makeup Tips gives answers.

Best beauty makeup tips for the skin

How do you find the right foundation color for your own skin tone?

When you go to a shop, you should definitely remove the makeup you are already wearing and test the colors on your clean skin. Under no circumstances on the back of your hand! This area of ​​skin is usually one to two shades more tanned than the skin on the face. You should take three different tones of the foundation that you think might work and apply them side by side on your face. This is the only way to find the right color.

What helps against dark circles?

Preparation makes the difference. You should use a lightening, moisturizing eye cream before putting on your makeup. It’s best to choose a cream that contains caffeine. Then you can use a concealer, you should choose it a shade or two lighter than the foundation. And do not apply under the entire eye, but only in the inner corners of the eye. It looks more natural.

What to do if foundation or powder is wrinkled throughout the day? How can you refresh your makeup?

Apply a little light moisturizer or a serum, this will be balanced out again and the deposited pigments will mix again with the rest of the make-up. We have an extra product, the “Retouching Veil Fluid”, which refreshes the look and acts as easy care.

What to do if you have scars and wounds? How do you properly cover them?

I suffer from acne myself and can understand anyone who wants to cover their scars. But sometimes I find it beautiful and think that it should be shown. So less is more. If you want to cover redness, you can use greenish masking pencils. However, only in a thin layer, because scars also belong to a person, and you should not paint over them completely.

Best beauty makeup tips for the eyes

Should you only apply mascara to the upper lash line or always apply all your lashes?

There is no rule. If you like a very natural look, you can only apply make-up to the upper eyelashes or take a brown mascara. But mascara makes the face even more expressive. And especially if you suffer from dark circles under your eyes, you should also apply make-up to the lower wreath. It’s distracting.

How do you put makeup on drooping eyelids?

The eyes and their shape are the most important thing in a face, and you shouldn’t try to put on something where there is nothing. You should choose brown, warm shades and make up with the eyeshadow a little over the movable eyelid, on the eyelid itself you should apply a light, cream-colored eyeshadow. So the view opens and the eyes appear larger.

How do you find the right eye shadow for your eye color?

In fact, all the nuances of the glittering eyeshadow are available in every eye color. If you apply them in a thin layer, they fuse with the skin tone and you can wear them with any eye color. Don’t be afraid of the glitter particles, they have a subtle effect rather than making the make-up more extreme. And the rule that you can wear blue eyeshadow with blue eyes and greenish shades only with green eyes is nonsense.

Best beauty makeup tips for the lips

Should you choose a neutral shade for narrow lips or wear strong lipstick?

In any case, women with narrow lips should wear a bright color. One of the big trends is color blocking in make-up. For example red lips to green eyeshadow. Of course, not everyone has to be so confident, but everyone should try bright lipsticks. By the way, a bluish-red lipstick stands out more skin tones than orange-red tones. If you have narrow lips, you should choose a glossy lipstick instead of a matt color.

Best beauty makeup tips for the cheeks

For a fresh complexion: blush or bronzer, which works better?

Definitely Rouge. This is the right choice for all ages. At Bronzer, many women tend to apply too much of it and spread it all over their faces. For a classic look, you should put a little blush on your cheeks, this makes you look fresher and not just tanned. Even if you overdo it with the blush, it never looks as unnatural as it can happen with too much bronzing powder.

How do you help yourself if you apply too much makeup and want to brighten it up instead of starting over?

Brushes are the best helpers for this. If you have applied too much bronzer, blush or eyeshadow, you should use a large brush to brush outwards until the make-up is slowly becoming less and gently faded out. On the other hand, if you have applied too much eyeliner, you should touch up the line with a damp cotton swab.

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