Best hair removal methods for bikini area

Best hair removal methods for bikini area. Whether for aesthetics or just for hygiene reasons, women beyond their feet choose to do hair removal in the sensitive area as well. Removing unwanted hair from the bikini can be done by many methods.

Some of them have longer durability, even permanent results, such as a laser. There are of course the ones with which the hair comes out faster. Every woman, of course, has different needs and accordingly she should choose the ideal way of hair removal in a bikini.

But let’s take a look at the basic methods available, as well as the secrets that will make the result better.

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Best hair removal methods for bikini area

Shave in a sensitive area

This is the fastest and most popular method of bikini hair removal, with a major disadvantage being the short duration. The hairs come out again after 2-3 days and are tough.

By choosing this method you should pay close attention to cuts and any irritations or pimples that usually occur after shaving (see how to deal with them in this article).

Start by washing the area well to avoid contamination and think about whether you want to leave a hair spot in the middle making a special shape. Of course, you can also go for full bikini hair removal. If necessary, lightly trim the hairs before shaving in the sensitive area so they are not too long. This will make it easier to cut the razor left over.

After finishing the shape and preparing the area, the exfoliation is in order. In this way, the dead cells are removed, the hair trapped underneath the skin is released and aligned making shaving more effective and easier.

Then get the perfect razor for bikini waxing. Usually, due to the hypersensitivity of the skin in the pubic area, a blade with 1-2 blades is preferable. Rinse thoroughly before use and apply a shaving gel to grease and soften the hair.

Best hair removal methods for bikini area

Next, start by making long and slow movements in the opposite direction of hair growth for deeper cuts and longer durations. But if you notice intense irritation, prefer hair movements that are similar to hair. Rinse the razor well after each move. At the same time pull the skin from the abdominal area to stretch and lift the hairs. Do not apply force or pressure with the blade, as it will irritate the skin, causing itching, pimples, and redness.

To get a better look at the shaving spots, raise the leg of the shaving side. This way you avoid internal hair growth. Equally important is the second exfoliation of the bikini area after shaving.

Finally, apply a non-fragrance moisturizing lotion, powder or baby oil to reduce irritation and wear cotton underwear for at least a few hours.

Waxing in the bikini

Hair removal from the pubic area by the wax method is also quite popular and one of the Best hair removal methods for bikini area. It is a relatively painful waxing in the bikini but it can be made much more tolerable by following some simple tips before applying it. See in detail how you can make hair removal without pain.

The expression “pain in the face what is pain” is cut and sewn for waxing in a bikini. So despite the annoyance that you may feel during it, the result will reward you and of course, excite your partner. It lasts much longer than the razor, with the hair coming out softer and slowly diluting. This results in the gap between each hair removal usually increasing slightly and the painless intense each time.

This technique can be applied both by an aestheticist at an institute and by yourself at home. Beauticians usually use hot wax, while cold wax films are preferred for the home. Both methods are equally effective, however.

It is worth noting that in order to better remove hair, it should be at least 2 mm long. Experts also recommend that waxing be applied to the bikini every 25-30 days, as is the hair cycle.

Also, the skin should be clean (without creams and other cosmetics) before applying the wax so that it can stick.

After removing the unwanted hair from the pubic area with wax, there may be a slight irritation or redness for 1-2 hours.

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Halau in bikini

Similarly effective and similar to application with waxing wax is halva. This natural product consisting mainly of sugar and honey can remove unwanted hair while exfoliating.

This is a very economical method of bikini hair removal (and not only) that lasts long and gives beautiful, soft, smooth and velvety skin.

Epilation cream in the sensitive area

One not-so-popular but a painless method of bikini hair removal is cream. It is applied very easily and removes hair without pain. However, it is not recommended for women with sensitive skin at this point, nor for full bikini hair removal.

To find the right cream for your skin, apply it with a spatula and allow it to act as indicated on the packaging. But beware, it should not come into contact with the genital mucosa.

Then remove it with a special spatula and rinse the area with plenty of warm water.

Before you start applying the waxing cream to the bikini, it is recommended to do a test. Apply it to another small part of the body such as the foot or hand and see how it reacts. If no discomfort, such as itching, discomfort, irritation or burning, occurs, proceed to the sensitive area. However, if you feel any of the symptoms as soon as you apply it to the bikini, rinse immediately and apply a moisturizing – soothing cream.

If used, the chemical may smell for a while after applying the cream.

Epilator in the vulva

Another method to do bikini wax yourself at home is the waxing machine. Although painful at first, the result will reward you. The hairs come out much slower than the razor, about 25 days later, they are softer and slowly dilute. This is because they are removed from the root, which weakens after each application, thereby reducing the intensity of the pain.

Best hair removal methods for bikini area

The important thing is, of course, to choose a hair removal machine that has a special head for sensitive skin in bikini and to make sure that it is properly used. It is important to clean it thoroughly after each use to avoid dermatological problems and infections.

Its use is very simple and should be done with slow and careful movements contrary to the direction of hair growth on dry and clean skin. Keeping the machine at right angles to the skin avoids breaking the hair, which may cause the hair to go in the opposite direction.

Even if exfoliation is applied to the sensitive area, bikini waxing is even more effective.

If you find your skin irritated after using the epilator in the pubic area there is no reason to worry. It is a normal reaction and the redness or any irritation will go away after a few hours. Be sure to apply a moisturizing-soothing cream on the spot after waxing and wear cotton underwear.

Laser hair removal in the bikini

The most effective and permanent hair removal in the bikini is the laser method. The results after the session cycle (usually 6-8) required to complete the program are permanent. With this method, you can wax the entire bikini or just in line. You can also create custom shapes if you wish.

Best hair removal methods for bikini area

However, there are many different laser machines used to remove unwanted hair in a woman’s sensitive area. Each of them has different effects. There are some that are more intense and therefore need fewer sessions and some that are less intense and more time consuming to achieve the end goal.

The most popular laser hair removal machines are Alexandrite, Diode, ND-YAG and Laser Epil which, according to experts, combine the energy power of the other three.

At first glance, the cost of laser hair removal looks great. But if you calculate the materials you will need for other methods that do not have permanent results, the sum is much lower and the price advantageous.

Learn more about laser hair removal, the cost, and everything you need to know before choosing it.

Beyond that, there is also the IPL bikini waxing which is done in pulsed light and has equally lasting effects. This particular method of removing unwanted hair from the sensitive area is suitable for any type of skin and hair and can be applied even in the summer months.

General tips for bikini waxing

  • The usual bikini hair removal frequency is every 25 days. However, in cases of hormonal disorders, it can be done every 2 weeks.
  • Waxing in the sensitive area is not permitted when there is an incision at this point (cesarean section or other surgery), such as inflammation, vaginitis, fungal infections or other allergies.
  • It is advisable to avoid bathing in the sea for the first 24 hours after removing unwanted hair, in order to avoid any contamination or irritation.
  • After waxing in the pubic area, do not neglect to apply a moisturizing or soothing cream.
  • Wear comfortable cotton underwear for the first few hours and avoid strings so as not to cause irritation or dermatitis.
  • An inexperienced and unskilled hairdresser with cosmetic wax can cause problems in the sensitive area. This can range from simple dermatitis or pseudotuberculosis to a burn or infection.
  • Due to depilation, the pubic area is irritated and more sensitive, so avoiding erotic encounters for the first 24 hours.

Types and designs of bikini waxing

Brazilian Bikini Waxing: This is also known as Brazilian waxing that removes hair from the delicate area of ​​the entire bikini, including the lips of the vulva and the back around the anus. There are, of course, some cases where a thin strip is left in the adolescent. This method is also called a full bikini candle, Hollywood candle or Brazilian candle.

American Hair Removal in the Sensitive Area: It’s just the removal of the bikini line, that is, the area that looks like a swimsuit. The rest of the hairs in the pubic area remain intact or clipped. Other names for this technique are basic bikini or triangle, due to the shape it is created.

French Bikini Waxing: Known also as a partial Brazilian blotch or landing strip, the pattern of French waxing is the thin vertical line from 4cm to 7-8cm above the vulva.

Other designs in bikini waxing: In addition to the basic types mentioned, there are several designs that you can make with the hairs in the sensitive area. Some women choose the triangle, others the heart, and there are those who try a rectangular shape or something more elaborate.

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