Best makeup steps for acne skin

Best makeup steps for acne skin. What a pity and bad these pimples. And if it’s one or two, it’s gone – what if you have acne? I understand when you look at the rest of you and your skin looks perfect.

Especially when wearing makeup. Let go of foundation and concealer if you feel your skin become worse and your face look worse. So what is the solution? Because I too struggle with my acne, I have personal advice for your makeup.

What to do with your acne in makeup

1. Hydration – A and Z

You don’t sound oily – since the skin is already oily, why moisturize it? Error! The products we use for acne tend to dry out the skin. If it remains dry, it produces even more sebum to restore balance and as a result, produce even more pimples. The secret is to use the right moisturizing products. At the pharmacy, there is a huge range of products specifically for acne skin. Don’t forget to make similar masks and drink plenty of water. If the skin is not moisturized, the surface of the skin looks like a baked cake – that is, the makeup “breaks” and the result does not look even.

2. Preparation is everything

Choose a primer suitable for your skin and never apply any other makeup product to your skin without first taking it. Not only because it protects the skin, but because it creates a more natural effect. It is also advisable to apply the primer to your daily cleansing. Some make-up makers also recommend setting powder after the primer, because its dry texture prevents the skin from coming into direct contact with the foundation and causing pores problems.

3. Clean fingers and brushes

Proper hygiene rules are everything for every skin, let alone an oily / acne that already has redness, inflammation, etc. Be sure to wash your brushes about once a week and keep them in their hold and not spilled in your tray. Also, if your skin is extremely oily you should not touch it often, so it is advisable to apply and apply your products with a sponge or brush and not with your fingers.

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4. Choose the right products

Fortunately, there are infinite options in trade. Prefer pharmaceutical cosmetics or at least a brand you trust and know that it does not aggravate your skin. It is advisable to choose products that not only cover but also cure acne. Make sure they are dermatologically tested, especially for your skin, and have a protective index because the sun not only ages the skin but also worsens acne. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of experts. Bonus: If your skin is very red, try a greenish concealer specifically designed to cover reds as red is complementary to green.

5. Do the right blending

Don’t be tempted to load your skin with a cart to cover acne. It will not look natural and you will feel full. The secret is not the quantity but the right fit. Spread your foundation all over with a sponge, paying attention to the neck finish so it doesn’t look like a mask. Put a little concealer on the pimple and spread it out gently, and then if necessary apply around it for a uniform effect.

6. Do not disturb the skin

Do not scrub the skin to apply your products, not even when doing makeup . And, God forbid, do not mind your pimples, and especially when wearing makeup. The skin does not want aggression but gentle care, affection and skin, So you can treat it accordingly. Choose a suitable make-up remover that will easily remove the products and, of course, treat the skin accordingly when unveiling.

Keep in mind that covering acne does not mean treating it. Do not neglect to clean your face every day and wear your standard creams, but also repeat the procedure after the make-up. Your dermatologist and pharmacist will identify you according to your skin needs.

Best makeup steps for acne skin

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