Best minimalist travel makeup

Best minimalist travel makeup. Preparations for a three-day trip or trip started and beyond the suitcase of clothes and swimwear, important is our holiday baggage. Which cosmetics and toiletries should we not forget?

Regardless of the duration of the holiday and the destination, there are some products that we should not forget to take with us. Of course, we should not overdo it, carrying a bunch of unnecessary things. So it’s best to have a list of things to put in your vacation bag beforehand – and to avoid getting a headache, Beaute on Sunday prepared such a list for you.

Let’s see Best minimalist travel makeup.

Cosmetics and toiletries we need to put in the holiday bag

1. Moisturizing Face, Eye, and Body Cream: Moisturize A and Z for a beautiful, radiant and gentle complexion that will help maintain the tan. Particularly during holidays where the sun sees us even more, we are in dire need of hydration. Therefore, as we do every day, so on our holidays we should not miss our cream.

2. Sun, Face and Hair Sunscreen: Sun protection is essential throughout the year and much longer during the holiday season. The long stay on the beach, but also the intense sunlight, in general, requires the use of sunscreen. In addition to our body and face, our hair also needs special protection in order not to become dehydrated and lose color. So apart from the hat, a hair sunscreen will help the situation.

3. After sun: Another product that is essential after sunbathing. It provides moisturizing to the skin and relieves sunburn.

4. Shampoo, conditioner or cream and natural shower gel: Self-explanatory, but highly needed products for our daily care that should not be missed from our holiday luggage.

5. Facial Soap: Even during the holidays we should not neglect the cleanness of our face morning and evening. So, our skin will remain beautiful and radiant.

6. Makeup: Removing makeup is essential and we must not forget it. Even if we stayed overnight, make-up before bedtime is crucial to stay fresh for the whole holiday season. The easiest solution is wet wipes. However, if we can, it is preferable to use micellar water or two-phase make-up.

Holiday makeup products

1. Color moisturizing cream: Generally the summer makeup is light. Therefore, we only use makeup if it is absolutely necessary. We prefer a moisturizing cream or BB cream to create a lightweight, evenly toned makeup on our skin.

2. Powder: Optionally to stabilize makeup and get rid of greasy and sheen we apply a little powder all over our face.

3. Product for brow filling: The perfect eyebrow filling is necessary for an expressive and seductive look.

4. Lip gloss or summer lipstick: The gentle and natural makeup that the season demands can be nicely finished with a simple and soft lip gloss. Alternatively, we use our favorite intense fuchsia, coral, peach or red lipstick.

5. Shades in nude shades or a summer palette: As the sun-kissed look is perfect for summer and holidays, earthy and nude shades are the best. If we still prefer color to our eyelids, we choose a palette of shades with summer colors.

6. Mascara: To emphasize our lashes it is necessary to use mascara in black or colored. If we are going to wear it in the sea, we choose a waterproof one, otherwise, we can use the classic one.

7. Rose: Rose cheeks are accentuated beautifully with a peach or pink rose, creating a fresher effect. For a more intense natural sunscreen look, we prefer bronzer.

Optionally we can use eye pencil or eyeliner in classic black, or in a color.

Extra things we can put in our holiday bag or suitcase

Apart from toiletries and make-up, we will need as per our needs and the duration of our holidays: Razor, raspberry, deodorant, perfume, cotton swabs, toothpaste and toothbrush, hairbrush, eyebrow tweezers (not only for eyebrows but also for eyebrows) anything we may need to take), bones, tires, tweezers, etc, acetone or nail polish, color correction lacquer, lenses, contact lens fluid, lens case, an extra pair of lenses, napkins, napkins, m Doussi, etc., painkillers, some basic drugs, and hand sanitizer or wipes.

Best minimalist travel makeup

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