Best nail design ideas and spring nails 2021

Best nail design ideas and spring nails 2021: nail inspo 2021. The most colors, shapes, and designs for the season. Every woman loves to have a beautiful manicure that attracts attention. So if you want the design you choose for your nails to be a trendy choice, then the top trends for Spring and Summer 2021 will help you achieve it.

This is a list that reveals what colors, designs, but also nail shapes and the Best nail design ideas 2021 suggested by famous nail artists. The choices are many and cover every taste and occasion. Let’s See in more detail the Best nail design ideas for 2021 the season.

The spring and summer nails color for 2021

Although the colors are usually quite intense and neon this season, this year the experts have slightly reduced the shades of mano that will dominate. Some of them are timeless choices, while there are those that you may find a little strange for this hot period.

Unpainted nails this season as well

Colorless nails, past or not with a nourishing base that makes them shine, will continue to be a top and Best nail art design trend in Spring / Summer 2021.

Therefore, even if you have not had time to do your manicure, you do not need to worry. You will be in fashion again. 

Best Nude nail design ideas 2021

Best nail color designs 2021

Timeless, elegant and discreet, nude manicures in beige, pink, but also light brown shades will be one of our top choices this season as well.

So these are the soft tones of the varnishes that mimic the skin and make the nails look longer. They look dazzling on their own, but can also be combined with other mano colors to create enchanting nail designs.

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Pink shades of varnish for impressive manicures

The range of pink will not only be one of the top colors for Spring and Summer 2021 in clothes, but we will also see it in the crown and on the nails.

So its shades, in addition to classic value, also have a girly style that we all more or less adore. Invest in a pink manicure with soft pale tones, or intense fuchsia this Spring and Summer, making nail designs that will win the impressions.

Light blue nail color for Spring / Summer 2021

Best nail color designs 2021

Another shade that we will see a lot in manicure this season is the blue of the sky. This soft but striking color will be a nice alternative. It goes well with pink, but also with nude shades, and their combination can lead to amazing nail art for Spring and Summer.

Black in our spring / summer manicure

Black nail polish has been established in the top trends for many seasons. This is a classic color that is presented in a different style every season. In the Spring and Summer of 2021, black nails will be elegant and classic.

More best nail design ideas for Spring and Summer 2021

Best nail color designs 2021

Some other manicure shades suggested for this period are green and brown. These are two groups of colors that we see more during Autumn and Winter, but this year they will make the difference in spring and summer nail art.

Equally popular for the season will be the dark navy nail color that looks amazing both on its own and in combination with the other top manos of the season.

The top nail designs for Spring / Summer 2021

And after we found out what the top manicure colors will be for the season, it is the turn of the nail art that will decorate them.

So this year we will see special and interesting proposals in nail designs that will take off the monochrome manicures and will give them a more interesting look.

Spring and summer nails with wavy lines – Abstract nails

Abstract art and especially designs with wavy lines will have their place of honor. This is a nail art that does not need special experience or the help of an expert to create. Just put your imagination to work and draw what comes to mind.

To achieve the perfect design you will need a manicure brush.

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Minimal nail designs this season as well

The discreet and tiny nail art that adorns the nails but without being elaborate works of art will again be at the top of our choices.

Therefore, dots, lines or small designs can be the most trendy proposal for those who love distinctive nails.

Colorful nails with a different color in each Spring / Summer 2021

Another easy idea for a very spring / summer manicure is to paint the nails with a variety of colors.

What does this mean; How simply by choosing 5 different colors of varnishes in shades similar or completely different from each other you can easily and quickly create a magical nail art.

All you need to do is put the shades you have chosen in a row and paint your nails one by one in a monochrome style.

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Negative space nails are another trend in this year’s manicure

Best nail color designs 2021

A special nail design that combines unpainted nails with colored nails are the negative space nails. These are the manicures that leave a part of the nail without color, while at the same time beautiful nail art is created in the rest.

This is not something difficult. You can easily try it by painting anything you like. And even this year, when abstract art and wavy lines are a trend, you may well succeed.

Impressive manicure chessboard and indie nails

Best nail color designs 2021

And if you are looking for something even more special and colorful, even if he wants a little more work to design, you can dare the chessboard in black and white or colored. This print can cover the entire surface of a nail or be limited to a part of it. For example, choosing a French manicure chessboard is a top suggestion for the season.

Respectively trendy are the indie nails. This special nail design that has gone viral on social media will be an impressive proposal for nails in Spring / Summer. Learn more about Indie nails, the new trend in a manicure that deifies creativity.

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The nail shapes that will be top for Spring and Summer 2021

And to complete the trendy manicure, let’s look at the nail shapes that will have their honor this season. According to top nail artists, there will not be much variety.

Short nails

Best nail color designs 2021

In most cases, the models for this season presented the short nails with a length that did not exceed the tip of the fingers.

It is an elegant and very convenient nail shape that does not break easily, without preventing a woman from playing with colors and designs.

Oval nail shape

At a slightly longer length, some models presented the oval nail shape as a top for the season. Although slightly longer than the absolute short, the oval nails remain a practical shape that does not interfere with our daily movements, looks more natural, and is very chic.

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Very long pointed nails

Best nail color designs 2021

If you are still a fan of special nails with length, then the trendy pointed shapes are ideal for you. They are not so practical for those who do a lot of manual work, but they certainly impress and attract attention.

Colorful nails 2021: The easy nail trend that you can do even on your own

To create a magical manicure you do not necessarily need to have talent in painting or be a nail art expert. There are countless simple color combinations that can give you dazzling colorful nails.

All you need to do is choose which mano colors you like and combine them, making monochrome nails, but with a different varnish on each finger. The options are many and the result depends on the style of each woman.

Ideas for beautiful colorful nails

Best nail color designs 2021

Pastel and nude shades are probably the most popular for creating beautiful multicolor nails. These are two color palettes that maintain soft tones and can be easily combined with anything you wear.

If you still want to do a more summery manicure, you can try the neon shades. They are intense and highlight the tan in the best way. Therefore, what is most ideal for the Summer period? You can find it on Best nail design ideas 2021 in this article.

Beyond that, the combinations of mano colors in dark tones are also interesting. Blue, black, gray, but also green varnishes can be a very beautiful proposal for your manicure.

Equally impressive, however, are the colorful nails with a variety of colors that may match each other, but do not belong to the same group. For example, you can combine blue, red, white, green, orange, pink, and red in a manicure and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

But apart from the simple painting of each nail with a different color, you can decorate your colorful nails with discreet designs such as polka dots or lines.

You can also play with shades by doing a multicolor French manicure with a nude base and color on the edge.

Finally, if you want to give a little shine to your colorful nails, you can add a little glitter or rhinestones. Also do not forget to share “Best nail design ideas ts on “Best nail design ideas 2021″ and give some extra idea for us.

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