Best skincare tips before sleep

Best skincare tips before sleep. Tips for a beautiful and radiant skin.

It has happened to all of us to come home from our evening out and go straight to bed without realizing that we are dyed. But this bad habit won’t do much to your skin for long. Here are some tips to keep your skin flawless.

Clean the pores

First, remove your makeup with a little petroleum jelly. Put a small amount of petroleum jelly on a piece of cotton and gently wipe your skin. If your skin is oily, use a cleanser containing salicylic or glycolic acid.

Refresh your bed !!!!!!

You couldn’t, of course, believe that your pillow would affect your skin but did you know that a dirty pillow can cause some parts of your skin to burst ???

As we sleep our body’s natural oils – here on our face – are deposited on the pillow, blocking our pores and leading to black spots or pimples. So it would be a good idea to change your pillowcase frequently!

Don’t overdo it!

Exfoliation is of great importance for the skin. Especially for dry skin. Remove the dead cells and rinse with plenty of water. However, very often exfoliation happens to have the opposite effect. Make sure you exfoliate only once or twice a week.

Keep the moisture in your skin !!!!

This may be a luxury for some, but if you want a guaranteed supple skin to invest your money in a product that will not leave your skin dry and dry. It is advisable to update it regularly.

Wake up like…. Sunbathing…

Try a moisturizing moisturizer as a base before ” make-up ” especially if your skin is oily. And … if you want your skin to look a little tanned, mix some of your face sunscreen with your moisturizing creams. Apply the mixture after at least one hour has elapsed. Shake it well before use to make sure you wake up with glowing skin as ever.

Best skincare tips before sleep

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