Best tips for the perfect eyeliner line

Best tips for the perfect eyeliner line. The first acquaintance of a girl with the beauty industry starts at a very young age. Watching your mother prepare for an exit, you realize early on that makeup is a big deal for the female gender. Usually, the first products you get as a teenager are pencil and eyeliner.

A big mistake, of course, because the last one is one of the most difficult. At the age of 20, it’s a matter of having mastered the technique. However, the glamorous look was, is and will remain the most captivating eye look. So, if you find it difficult to get the perfect eyeliner line, here are the best tips and the smartest tricks to help you.

Let’s see the Best tips for the perfect eyeliner.

1. Suggest the best tips and tricks for the line

Let’s start by saying that eyeliner comes in three different forms. The first is the most widespread in Greece, the eyeliner in the form of a brush, the second for many is the most convenient, the eyeliner pen and the third is the one most used by makeup artists, gel eyeliner. Why am I standing in the various forms?

But of course, because they play a big role in the effect of your line. If you’re a beginner, avoid the eyeliner brush for whatever reason. This is the product that gives you the least control and is usually slow to dry. Therefore, the risk of blurry is high. Instead, you should try the other two forms to find out which one suits you the most.

2. In the meantime

If your problem is an unstable hand, all you can do is rest your elbow on a firm surface and your little finger on your cheek. Start by forming small scrolls along the line of your eyelashes and then connect them.

Be careful though, 2 things as you draw your line. Firstly, do not draw your eye at the same time because it will change its shape and secondly, not to have it completely closed but half-open. Another factor to keep in mind for proper eyeliner formation is that each pair of eyes has a different shape.

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This means that you have to adjust the way you make eyeliner to your eye shape. If you have tonsil eyes read 3 Tips eyeliner for tonsils for a perfect result. If you have any other shapes check out this article: Apply eyeliner based on your eye shape.

3. Best tips and tricks for forming eyeliner

If you just don’t get it with the freestyle lineup, there are some tricks that will definitely help. The first trick is the one with the spoon. This is a simple method that takes a lot of effort to fail.

First, place the spoon handle diagonally as an extension to the lashes at the bottom of your eye. Then draw a line from the corner of your eye to the point you want. The farther you line, the more dramatic your look.

Then, put the hollow part of the spoon into the movable eyelid and form a curved line. Fill the inside of the outline and you’ll have your perfect, matte finish.

Another, similar way to shape your line seamlessly is to use a card. Ideal for you to be unstable. So place your card in the invisible line that your lower lashes would form if they continued and use the card as a ruler.

4. Practice

Finally, the most useful advice we can give you is practice, practice, practice. In the end, after learning all of the above, the only way to digest them is in practice. So, if you want to get the most seductive look with a highly matte eyeliner, practice as much as you can.

Extra tip: And if you make a mistake in practice, don’t worry. Take a cotton swab with either water or a little concealer and fix it easily and quickly.

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