Bigger chest with a simple trick

Bigger chest with a simple trick. Want to get bigger and more impressive breasts – bust in just 5 minutes? No problem! Follow the secret trick of famous Hollywood women and make your bodice more impressive than ever.

The reason for the well-known contour and highlight they do on the face in order to get angles, hide some imperfections and of course make it look thinner. This is the basic secret weapon of makeup that creates an optical illusion, an illusion that will make you look much more attractive.

It’s definitely not something you need to do every day because it’s a bit overdone, but you can use it on special occasions.

How to get a Bigger chest with a simple trick

So here are the steps:

1. First, take a contour stick and draw the lines that you will see in the video below.

2. Then take a concealer stick and recreate some lines as in the video.

3. With a makeup brush, apply the concealer lines until blended and uniform.

4. As for contour, You will need a mixing brush to blend the lines until they become noticeable and even.

5. Then apply a little powder to secure the first two cosmetic products.

6. Then, to add more dimension and depth, take a slightly dark brown shade and apply it as in the video.

7. Finally, do the same with light beige shade or highlighter and you’re ready.

Bigger chest with a simple trick

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