Care tips for relaxed eyes

Care tips for relaxed eyes. We do not know if the eyes are the mirror of our soul, but they certainly play an important role in our appearance.

Sleep is essential not only for the relaxation of our mind and body but also for our beauty. Surely you have noticed those dark circles that appear every time you have not slept enough, betraying your fatigue. However, lack of sleep is not the only culprit for dark circles.

Heredity, hormones, stress, endless hours in front of the computer, and poor diet play a key role in the appearance of dark circles. Combined with adopting a healthier lifestyle, you can follow some beauty moves to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

After all, the eye area is different from the rest of the face, as the skin there is thinner, has fewer sebaceous glands and increased muscle mobility. In short, it is a sensitive area with special needs and the tendency to show wrinkles first, so it needs special care.

So let’s see what you can do.

* Eye cream

The right eye cream can improve dark circles and puffiness and erase premature wrinkles due to insufficient hydration. It is good to know that a cream can not work wonders, however, prevention is better than cure. This also applies to eye cream. If you want to brighten your look, moisturize and tighten the eye area, then eye cream can help you achieve your goal.

The application steps

  1. You do not need to use a lot of quantity, since more product does not necessarily mean better result. The amount of one pea for each eye is enough.
  2. Apply the cream only with your middle finger or little finger, as they have less power than the other fingers and so you will not put pressure on this sensitive area.
  3. Apply the cream so that it goes everywhere (not too close to the eye, of course) and do not miss the area under the eyebrow.
  4. Apply the cream with tamponade movements until most of the product is absorbed.
  5. Let it absorb completely, for half an hour or more.

* Eye mask

Eye patches have become a big beauty trend in recent years and not unjustly. Applying firming and moisturizing eye patches 15 minutes before makeup will give your look the coveted glow and rejuvenation. Alternatively, you can apply an eye serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

* Proper cleaning

Precisely because the eye area is very thin and sensitive, it suffers easily and is prone to the formation of fine lines. When you want to remove mascara and makeup from your eyes, make sure to make gentle, gentle movements and not rub with force.

The cleaning steps

  1. Wet two round cotton discs with a two-phase make-up remover
  2. Apply the discs on closed eyelids by pressing lightly to evenly wet the skin and lashes and soften the mascara and other makeup products.
  3. Slowly and gently dab with the cotton, making downward and towards the temples movements
  4. Repeat the process until the make-up discs are clean

* Natural recipe

It is the classic recipe that our grandmothers made to relax their eyes. All you have to do is apply freshly sliced ​​cucumber slices on tired eyelids for 10 minutes.

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