Choosing the right skin care products

Choosing the right skin care products. BB creams have become very popular with women in a short time. They are designed to repair the skin that has already been damaged by cosmetic surgery.

Other similar creams have emerged in recent years, such as CC, DD, PP, and EE. But what is the role of each of them? Which skins are they intended for? And what is best for you?

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Choosing the right skin care products

BB Creams

BB is an abbreviation of “beauty balm”. It can moisturize your facial skin and soothe irritations, but it cannot replace other moisturizers. It suits any type of skin.

CC Creams

CC means “color control”. These creams were created to revitalize pale or red, irritated skin on the face. They contain elements that make your skin feel fresh and give it a smooth, even texture. It is not the best choice for people with oily skin or skin problems.

DD Creams

DD creams, as they say, create a “daily defense” that helps protect and care for your skin. They are very good at protecting your skin from the rays of the sun. However, it is not worth using them too much as they may block your resources. They work best on more mature skin.

PP Creams

PP or “pink perfect” creams are the foundation for your makeup. The silicone particles they contain complement all non-uniform parts of the skin, making it smooth. PP creams suit every skin type but should be used in combination with other facial products. After applying them, you should apply a topical cream.

EE Creams

EEs or “extra exfoliation” creams rejuvenate the skin and rid it of dead cells. They also protect the skin from the sun and moisturize it. Some of them combine protection against UV light with acne protection. EE creams should not be used too often, and are not recommended for people with delicate or delicate skin.

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