Collagen Injections for Beauty Lips

Collagen Injections for Beauty Lips. Wrinkles often appear too early and create a bad image. A very easy and quick way to eliminate wrinkles is to inject collagen. Immediate results and safe procedure, provided by a specialized dermatologist.

Collagen is a natural protein found everywhere in our skin. It is made of the tissue that supports our skin and is directly responsible for the look and quality of our skin.

The collagen of the human body is similar to the collagen found in the skin of some animals. That is why animal collagen is often found in surgeries such as sutures and more recently in heart valves.

Collagen Injections for Beauty Lips

In cosmetic surgery, calfskin collagen is treated and thoroughly cleansed. This material is so similar to our own collagen that it is completely absorbed by our bodies.


There is no age limit. Women or men interested in acquiring or maintaining their skin youthful can be treated.

The effect of the implant depends on the extent and depth of the wrinkles. For ordinary wrinkles the results are impressive.

The duration of the result varies from organization to organization. The injectable collagen behaves just like the skin collagen and thus gradually decreases over time. The earlier the treatment, the longer it will last.


Collagen is effective in eliminating wrinkles around the lips, in the corners of the eyes, in the expression wrinkles, in the wrinkles between the eyebrows and in the corners of the mouth. It is also used in acne scars or injuries to improve the aesthetic effect of surgery or even to create large and sensual lips.


Implantation is done quickly and relatively painlessly by a qualified dermatologist after first undergoing a simple hand sensitivity test to verify that there is no sensitivity. 99% of the people who tested them showed no sensitivity to the material at all. The doctor throws small amounts of collagen into areas where wrinkles or scars are present.

Breast implants are possible within 8 to 12 months from the date of the original implant. However, the amount of collagen used to make a full correction will be significantly less than that used in the original implant.

Collagen Injections for Beauty Lips

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