Common mistakes in makeup

Common mistakes in makeup. There are many secrets to perfect makeup but sometimes we women, either ignorant or negligent, do not apply them literally and so the result is anesthetic, exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve.

Read the most common mistakes below and how to avoid them.

Don’t wear day cream as a base:

Whether your skin is oily or dry, moisturizing is the most essential step you need to take daily. After thoroughly washing and wiping your face, apply your moisturizer. If you do not do this, the makeup will not apply properly and especially if you have dry skin, it will look very bad and instead of covering it, it will probably highlight the problem of dryness.

You buy any makeup without examining the color of your skin:

It certainly has a negative impression if you have seen on the street girls whose facial skin is other than neck and neck skin color. The result is nothing but the wrong choice of makeup color. It really is very unsightly and there is no reason for this to happen once it is easily corrected simply by purchasing the right shade for your skin.

Fill your eyebrows with an eye pencil and even in the wrong color:

Well-shaped eyebrows are a very important trump for our face. However, if you are not one of the lucky ones with naturally rich and dense eyebrows, it is preferable to accentuate them and fill them with eye shadow rather than a pencil so that the effect is not as intense. Be sure to choose a shade close to your natural colors and be careful with your movements so as not to blur.

You choose to paint your eyes in many colors:

Whether we are talking about makeup or your dress, remember that the effect is not flattering if you wear more than 3 colors at a time, especially when it comes to your eye shadows. The ideal eye color is to choose a color and then play with its shades darker near the eyelashes and lighter to the eyebrows.

Excessive Makeup:

At times you may be influenced by celebrities’ looks and try to imitate their coloring. But don’t forget that they have a whole bunch of makeup artists who advise and dye them. So you shouldn’t be drifting either. Makeup, blush, eye pencil or lipstick when worn in excessive amounts do not flatter our face at all. After all, regardless of fashion trends, it is a common secret that men prefer more natural makeup that does not make us look like clowns.

Common mistakes in makeup

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