Complete care guide for perfect curls

Complete care guide for perfect curls. Most curly-haired women wish they were born with straight hair and devote a significant amount of their time and energy to getting the full mane of their dreams. But this is a shame since curls can be extremely impressive and charming. It is enough to treat them properly.

Of course, if you have curly hair, you know first-hand that their care can turn into a real battle. But don’t worry, we have a complete care guide for you to see your curls more beautiful than ever.

Let’s see Complete care guide for perfect curls

How to bathe

There are many things to keep in mind while bathing, most importantly ensuring as much hydration as possible. But because perfection is hidden in the details, let’s see in more detail what to do.

– Do not bathe every day

Daily shampooing can be disastrous for your curls, as they disrupt their shape and dehydrate them.

-Use a gentle shampoo

By gentle shampoo, we mean any shampoo that does not contain sulfates, silicone or parabens, ingredients that remove natural oils from your hair.

– Provide deep hydration

As soon as your curly hair is thirsty for hydration, you have to offer it. Apply a rich mask every two weeks to your hair and apply a conditioner in every wash. Prefer keratin-containing compositions for even better results.

How to dry your hair

– Forget the towel you used to date

A towel made of microwave cloth or a cotton t-shirt will not damage your hair, reduce the risk of frizz, while also being more absorbent.

– Avoid heat

The heat from styling tools is the biggest enemy of your hair. The best thing to do is to apply a moisturizing oil or serum to the ends of your hair and let it dry naturally. If you cannot remove the hairdryer, prefer to use it in cold air mode.

The equipment you need

– Blowing pistol

While we do not advise you to heat your hair with heat, if you are aiming to dry and shape your hair, never use a hairdryer without its special bubble. Yes, this accessory that came in your hairdryer when you first bought it is for you and your curly hair.

– The right comb

Discard the brush. No, we’re not making fun of you. The brush has no place in the beauty arsenal of curly hair, as all it does is to loosen the shape of your curl and frizz your hair. And you certainly don’t want that. The only tool you need to get rid of your hair without pain and drama is a comb with sparse teeth.

-The silk pillowcase

Cotton pads cause a lot of friction, damaging your hair. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, are soft and prevent frizz.

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