Complete guide to home steam therapy

Complete guide to home steam therapy. Few people know that steam therapy is not a procedure for skin care, but basically a centuries-old method of healing, mainly in traditional Eastern medicine, while other folks have created hammams, which are considered parts of purification, cleansing and detoxification.

My first contact with steam therapy was when I was a little kid. I was ill and my mother put me over a saucepan of boiling water and eucalyptus to make inhale. As far as I can remember it had a comforting effect. Later, I visited a beautician regularly and did a steam cleaning because of acne that bothered me.

However, steam therapy is used not only for health but also for health reasons. After all, it’s not a coincidence that many beauticians choose steam for cleansing the face. However, we can do steam therapy at home too. This is a practical and convenient method that even happens on our couch. It is also an enjoyable and inexpensive beauty ritual that relaxes and rejuvenates us.

Home steam therapy: Its action

Congestion of resources

Essentially, it expands the pores that release the toxins and pollutants that are in-depth. For this reason, we can remove any black spots without too much pressure. Black or white spots are sebum and pollutants trapped in pores and solidified due to dehydration.

Prevents acne and black spots

Steam helps to balance the skin, treats dehydration and stimulates blood circulation.

Cleanses and gives shine

When blood circulates smoothly, the cells fill up with oxygen and remove the toxins. Thus, the skin becomes more radiant and immediately brighter.

It helps in hydration and elasticity

According to research, steam contributes to the increase in skin moisture and enhances its permeability. Expanding pores, cleansing and detoxifying them has another benefit: greater and deeper absorption of the nutrients that we will then provide to the skin.

Home steam therapy: Its materials

Steam treatment is done with dried or fresh herbs and essential oils. Caution: Essential oils must be pure and of good quality because we inhale them.

What to watch

  • Transporting the pot with boiling water can be dangerous if we do not pay attention. We said we want to get beautiful, glowing skin. No burn.  
  • We do not approach more than 10 cm in boiling water because we cannot breathe on the one hand and may cause skin irritation. The rule applies even more to sensitive skin types.  
  • However, after the end of the process, we must be careful not to cool down. That is why it is advisable to steam at night before going to bed to keep warm. In addition, heat expands pores, which means that the skin becomes more vulnerable to external attacks and germs. That is why it is advisable to remain as protected as possible.

The appropriate frequency

It depends on the type of skin and its needs. Experts suggest that we do steam therapy once a week if we have oily skin. Twice a month if we have mixed / regular type, and once a month if we have dry and rarely if we have sensitive.

The procedure before vomiting

We remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse our skin. We comb our hair in a low shade to avoid covering our face and bothering us as we bend our heads.

The execution

Boil water in a saucepan. Add the herbs and essential oils of our choice and remove the pan from the heat. We carefully place it on a flat, refractory surface at a height that suits us so that we are seated and relaxed. Immediately cover our head and shoulders with a large towel to trap the steam and approach our face in the water at a distance of 25-45 cm (depending on how much heat we can withstand).

We close our eyes and enjoy the beneficial effect of steam for 10-15 minutes. Then, without wiping our face, apply a nourishing mask or moisturizer. Our skin will absorb like a sponge all their moisturizing and nutrients.


Apart from the skin, vomiting also helps the respiratory system. If, for example, we are cold, we can steam treat with eucalyptus, sage or rosemary essential oil to relieve the nasal area. In addition, it has some of the benefits of aromatherapy. Depending on the materials we choose, it helps calm, combat stress, mental clarity and stimulate the mind.

Professional Vs Homemade Process

Logically, our kettle and vaporizer (the professional steam generator) have another effect. After a few minutes, the steam from the saucepan stops, unlike the vaporizer that releases more steam for longer. In addition, the vaporizer depending on its type performs other functions, e.g. may contain ozone, for better skin oxygenation, or antibacterial components that fight acne.

DIY steam treatments

Choose the right one according to your needs

Rosemary and incense for mature skin

  • 1 tsp rosemary (fresh or dried)  
  • 1 tsp chamomile (fresh or dried)  
  • 1 drop of essential oil frankincense  

Tea tree and basil for oily acne-prone skin

  • 3 drops of essential oil of tea tree  
  • Fresh basil leaves

Geranium and lavender for normal/mixed skin

  • 1 tsp lavender (fresh or dried)  
  • 3 drops of geranium essential oil

Lavender, chamomile and rose, lemon, for skin with clogged pores

  • 1 tsp lavender  
  • 1 tsp chamomile  
  • A handful of rose petals  
  • 1-3 drops of lemon

Geranium essential oil improves skin tone and texture and regulates oiliness. In addition, it balances, relieves stress, stimulates circulation, reduces fluid retention and cellulite.

Lavender essential oil is detoxifying, while at the same time renewing the cells, which is why it is considered an excellent healing ingredient. It helps to heal scars and wounds in a short period of time. It also works wonders on aging skin and spots, even with direct spread,

The essential oil of frankincense has a strong regenerative and anti-aging effect. In addition, it sharpens the senses, helps the mind to concentrate and meditate, while enhancing the immune system.

Lemon essential oil cleanses and deeply stimulates the skin. It has antiseptic action and combats oily and blur. It is also considered effective against acne.

Tea tree essential oil has antiseptic properties and is particularly effective for oily skin with acne or even against a single pimple. It is also ideal for respiratory ailments.

Rosemary essential oil, in addition to a hair tonic, has an anti-aging effect. It offers elasticity, freshness, and radiance to the skin. Also, in terms of steam therapy, in addition to cosmetic properties, it improves mood and is expectorant.

Complete guide to home steam therapy

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