Daily habits that make skin older

Daily habits that make skin older. Surely you know that the sun, smoking, and lack of sleep are damaging your skin. But you will be amazed at the following list of very simple, small and seemingly harmless habits that actually make our skin grow old without realizing it.

1. Wash your face a lot

It goes without saying that it’s important to keep your skin clean, just don’t overdo it. Do not wash more than twice a day and keep in mind that not all facial cleansers are the same. Alkaline soaps remove all of its natural oils from your skin and can cause irritation. So it would be preferable to choose a soap-free detergent in its composition.

2. Drink from the straw

It is certainly more elegant to use a straw to drink your drinks, but this repetitive movement can create wrinkle lines around your mouth. You may not notice it when you are young, but as the years go by these lines become more intense as the skin gets thinner.

3. Lose a lot of weight

Sure we all want to fit in tiny skinny jeans, but losing a lot of pounds quickly damages your skin as it loses its elasticity.

4. You miss the ophthalmologist visit

An annual ophthalmologist visit is an appointment you should not postpone. Wrinkling your eyes because you don’t see them well can cause wrinkles at the goose’s foot and between your eyebrows. Be sure to check your eyes regularly and if you need glasses just get used to them.

5. Applying contact lenses

The problem is when you try to wear the lenses or the moment you remove them, as you fasten your finger to the delicate and delicate skin around your eyes, which can lead to irritation or long-term fine wrinkles or under-eye bags.

6. Driving

Do not think that because you are in the car, you are protected from the sun. UV rays that cause skin aging, penetrate the glass, so you are exposed when driving. Be sure to wear sunscreen and especially on your coat, arms, and wrists.

7. The radiator

It may be tempting to raise the thermostat during the cold winter days, but the dry atmosphere created in the home causes dehydration and therefore skin cracking. Lower the temperature or alternatively place a glass of water next to your bedside table to keep a small amount of moisture in the air.

8. You forget to drink enough water

If you do not drink enough water daily, your skin may become dry and rough. Water not only hydrates your body and skin but also gives your face a glow.

9. Eat very salty foods

Although you can’t completely avoid salt in your diet, very salty foods dehydrate your skin and create bags under the eyes. So try to reduce the amount of salt you consume.

10. Sleep in front of you

Every sleeping posture has its pros and cons, but the habit of sleeping on your face increases the wrinkles caused by the pillow. If you need to sleep on the side, choose a silk or satin pillowcase, which creates less friction.

11. Drink coffee

Caffeine can speed up your metabolism, but it dehydrates the skin and increases wrinkles. Enjoy one or two cups of coffee a day and drink plenty of water in between.

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12. Fasten the face to your elbow

Are you used to supporting the face on your elbow when touching the desk? This common habit can pull on the skin and lead to wrinkles. After a long movement, it can also cause bags under the eyes.

Daily habits that make skin older

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