Dressing for women’s and men’s hair

Dressing for women’s and men’s hair. Beautiful hair is extremely important to most people. So important that they don’t shy away from costs or effort when it comes to hair care. However, not all offered hair care products and advice are good for your hair if used regularly. The trick is to find those in the multitude of advertised articles that best meet individual needs.

Let’s see, Dressing for women’s and men’s hair

Less ingredients are often more

Numerous commercials claim that shampoos, hair treatments or conditioners “penetrate” deep into the hair. Of course, they don’t. Some ingredients are at best around the hair – so wrap it around. Haircare products may irritate the scalp due to their composition. Therefore, the following applies: The fewer ingredients there are, the better the tolerance.

You should avoid these ingredients:

  • organohalogen compounds
  • formaldehyde donors
  • Polyethylene derivatives, PET for short
  • artificial musk fabrics

Such substances can trigger allergic reactions and are sometimes even suspected of causing cancer. Many experts even deny the supposedly positive effect on combability and styling. For example, polyethylene derivatives make hair easier to detangle after washing. However, these substances wrap around every single hair like a film. This makes it heavier and difficult to style. This also applies to care products that are rinsed out and products that remain in the hair after application.

How to wash your hair properly

A shoulder-sized amount of shampoo is sufficient for shoulder-length hair. It is advisable to mix the commercially available shampoo with water in a bottle at a ratio of about 2: 1 and uses it in this way. Then the product comes into contact with the scalp already diluted, which is less irritating to the skin. You should also not leave the shampoo in the hair for too long, but rinse it off quickly with pleasantly warm water. If you then spoil your hair with a spa pack, please make sure that it comes into contact with your scalp as little as possible, or even better, not at all.

The alternative to purchased products is the self-mixed hair care

If you have the time and desire, you can replace many of the commercially available hair care products with homemade natural products with comparatively little effort. You will then always know exactly what is in it – and there are significantly fewer pollutants. Admittedly, some home remedies are more difficult to apply or rinse compared to the hair conditioner, etc. purchased. But they are always worth a try.

  • Apply lemon or vinegar to the hair for easy combing after shampooing. Do not rinse.
  • Chamomile tea has a brightening effect. After washing, rinse the hair with a strong chamomile broth. Do not rinse.
  • Well-massaged and carefully rinsed olive oil moisturizes the hair.
  • Flying or limp hair can be tamed with beer. Use like a strengthener after washing. Do not rinse.
  • Egg yolk helps against dandruff. To do this, whip up an egg yolk a little and use it instead of shampoo. Massage in and rinse again with lukewarm water.

Tips for male hair care

Many men are annoyed about dandruff or too dry, stubborn hair. Fortunately, these problems can usually be handled quite easily.

  • Healthy lifestyle and proper hair washing

For a dense, shiny, man’s head of hair, just like for women, a healthy scalp is primarily important. This requires a healthy, varied diet that provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs. Vitamin C, folic acid, zinc and iron in particular play a crucial role in nourishing the scalp and hair roots. For this reason, fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains are on the daily menu.

In addition, men who value beautiful hair should brush styling products such as hairspray or gel out of the hair before washing. Please do not wash your hair too hot and, if possible, finish the procedure with a cool shower.

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  • Beware of too much maintenance

Men with particularly thin, greasy or dry hair, in particular, tend to counteract with many care products. However, the same applies here as for women: less is more. It is better to use mild baby shampoo and wash it a little more often. Avoid scalp massages with chemical agents and prefer to use advanced treatment with natural products from time to time. Avoid hot air in the hairdryer. Especially men with dry hair should ideally let their hair dry in the air.

  • A common annoyance for men is dandruff

Basically, men who have been suffering from excessive dandruff for a long time should see a dermatologist. It could be that yeast grows on her head, which causes irreversible hair loss over time. After an in-depth diagnosis, the doctor will recommend appropriate medication, with the help of which the fungus and thus dandruff will disappear within a very short time.

If dandruff is caused by a too dry scalp or excessive sebum production, normal anti-dandruff shampoos usually help.

Dressing for women’s and men’s hair

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