Essential Oils is the Power and Care of Nature

Essential Oils is the Power and Care of Nature. Essential oils are a concentrated essence (odorous mixture) of liquid volatile substances obtained from various plant materials. In everyday life, pure oils are rarely used in their pure form, but such use is also possible. For example, oil Tea Tree can be applied if there is acne on the face, but keep in mind that local application of pure essential oil can lead to burns. Therefore, with the dosage and selection of oils, you need to be very careful. Ethers still have a useful property – to accelerate the recovery and renewal of skin cells (cuts, abrasions, bruises), in addition, essential oils can greatly help with arthritis or rheumatism.

Essential oil is the whole inner essence and soul of a plant; they are obtained mainly from flowers. Also, ether extracts are made from roots, leaves, zest of citrus, wood resins.

The most popular method for producing natural essential oils from plants is the steam distillation of whole plants or parts thereof. Water vapor picks up the volatiles of the oil components, then, after cooling, the oil is easily separated from the water. It is traditionally believed that the founder of this method was the famous doctor and scientist of the XI century Avicenna. Citrus oils stand apart, they are obtained by pressing the peel of the fruit.

aromatherapy is a simple, safe, and most importantly, a pleasant way to restore vitality and the nervous system through relaxation. Arriving at the spa or oriental cosmetics store you are surrounded by the aromas of flowers, you feel relaxed and calm, you don’t want to rush, but just relax and be in the moment here and now. Thoughts seem to turn off and fade into the background. Eastern civilizations understood the nature of the disease. That is why interaction with the disease was carried out through meditation and self-absorption. The sages knew that the nature of any physical disorders (diseases) occurs from within and also only from within the body can be restored. Essential oils help create the very atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility through which everyone can help themselves, without resorting to “pill therapy”.

For example, this spring it’s worth a “chat” with Sage, Lavender, Rosemary, Fir, and Eucalyptus – They will help to create an atmosphere conducive to the fight against acute respiratory viral infections and sore throat. Particular attention should be paid to essential oil. Lavender – it will help to cheer up from monotonous work and life in general, bring activity, awaken creativity. 

To increase physical and vitality, try Rose, Cloves,  Jasmine and Pine tree.

Suitable for stress relief and relaxation. Juniper,  Sagebrush, Basil,  Sandalwood, rose flower.

A masculine desire can warm the oil Anise,  Jasmine, Cinnamon, Verbena and pine trees.

Essential oils will help calm and pacify pain Nutmeg, Sage,  Melissa,  Lavender, and peppermint.

Help improve memory Rosemary and juniper.

If you trust cosmetics in your home and you decide to enrich them with useful properties, then take note:
Essential oils are good for skin Verbena, Jasmine,  Hyssop,  Lavra,  Lavender,  Myrtle,  Roses, and sandalwood.
The oil will help strengthen hair and overcome their loss Bay, Cedar, Melissa, Juniper, and sage.

It is also very healthy and beneficial to take aromatherapy. Simply mix 5-10 drops of essential oil with 40-60 g of emulsifier (honey, cream, milk whey, yogurt), dissolve the mixture in 0.5 l of warm water, add to the finished bath with water. It must be remembered that essential oils do not directly dissolve in water, and the method of “just dripping oil into the bath” is fraught with burns and a spoiled mood. Which oil to choose – you decide!

Essential Oils is the Power and Care of Nature

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