Eye Cream: How Do I Use It?

Eye Cream: How Do I Use It? Is Eye Cream Necessary? What can I expect? From what age do I start it? Frequently asked questions and dilemmas. But now we have the answers.

Fatigue, dehydration, goose’s foot, fine lines, dryness, dark circles, swelling: the needs in the area of ​​the eyes are many and suggestions are constantly increasing. However, with all creams, serums, eye masks and sometimes misinformation, it is difficult to properly care for the delicate eye area. However, early wrinkles can be fought before they are installed for the good of our face, provided that we treat them properly.

Eye Area Physiology

The eyelids make an average of 10,000 movements during a typical day, which strains the delicate skin in the area.
The skin on the eyelids is 5 times thinner than the cheekbones. In fact, it is less than 1mm thick.

It is poor in sebaceous glands and almost without any protective hydrolipid film. This means that it breaks faster than the rest of the person.
It is vulnerable to germs we carry by rubbing our eyes with our fingers, and by seasonal allergies.

It immediately reflects the negative effects that nights and malnutrition have on our bodies.

What is the difference between eye cream and moisturizing face?

The eye cream has a lower concentration of active ingredients than moisturizer / anti-wrinkle, so as not to cause irritation. Also, it usually has no fragrance for the same reason. For added safety, many brands are testing their creams in scientific centers made up of dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

What are the most important components of an eye composition?

One of the most popular is caffeine which, when spread locally, stimulates blood circulation thus fighting black circles and pouches. Another important ingredient is the peptides, which are very important in a composition because they activate the production of collagen. Also, hyaluronic acid is a non-irritating agent that adequately smooths and hydrates the area. Finally, vitamins C and K have the ability to brighten the skin.

What results can I expect from an eye cream?

Certainly, a cream cannot do magic. However, choosing the right eye cream can improve black circles and swelling and erase premature wrinkles due to inadequate hydration. And, as you know, preventing the signs of aging around the eyes is easier than correcting.

Can I use it all over the face instead of a moisturizing face?

It is not prohibitive, but on the one hand, it is not economical since the eye cream is usually smaller than the moisturizer. On the other hand, the texture of the eye cream, because it is designed for the delicate skin of this area, has a lower concentration of active ingredients, so it will not have the desired effect in other areas of the face.

Although I sleep well, I have dark circles. Why is this happening;

The most common cause of dark circles is lack of sleep but there are other factors that cause them: low hemoglobin levels, increased melanin, intolerance to some cosmetics, allergies, excessive smoking and alcohol, some medications. Also, delicate skin with superficial vessels or hereditary causes can cause dark circles, whether or not we sleep well.

What is the proper composition against black circles?

The ideal composition for the fight against dark circles contains ingredients that have a whitening effect, stimulate collagen synthesis and increase the radiance of the skin. Such are Vitamin C and Vitamin K, antioxidants, such as Kozani yolk, photophenols, tiles, hyaluronic acid, and skin-shielding peptides. If you want lightweight coverage at the same time, we choose compositions with the above ingredients and pigments that cover and give instant shine.

At what age is it best to start using eye cream?

There is no specific recipe. It depends on many factors, depending on the type of skin, the climate, the area we live in and the genes. For example, if our skin is dry or we live in an area with dry, cold climate, air, or if our parents have inherited a delicate skin that is easily broken, then it is best to include eye cream in our care for decades of 20.

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