Eyelash extensions at home

Eyelash extensions at home. Eyelash, In the struggle for a languid look, we are not looking for easy ways. Mascara with a dizzying twisting effect is used; additional tweezers. But all these cosmetic delights may not be enough: by nature, weak hairs simply will not keep their shape or even begin to protest with loss. 

The conclusion is clear: you need to strengthen the eyelashes.

Oils for eyelash extensions

Means number 1 – castor oil. Our great-grandmothers also knew about its cosmetological properties that stimulate the hair bulb to grow. The predominant component of castor oil is ricinoleic acid; It softens and moisturizes. Vitamins A and E enhance the natural skeleton of the hair, and the cilia grow stronger, stronger and longer.

Castor oil is best applied two hours before bedtime using a mascara brush previously washed with soap (you can also use a cotton swab). The course of procedures is at least a month. But sometimes castor oil is not recognized: the specific smell and dense consistency are not to every beauty’s liking. In addition, it can provoke an allergic reaction.

Use for strengthening eyelashes and burdock oil. It can also be used by mixing in equal proportions with olive. This mix perfectly moisturizes and strengthens the cilia, prevents them from falling out. Perfectly repair dry damaged hair almond and peach oil.

Nourishes weakened follicles, accelerating the growth of cilia, sea ​​buckthorn oil; as a useful additive to it (or to any other oil), you can use fish oil, which enhances hair at the micro-level.

When added to vegetable oil, aloe juice, and white cabbage/parsley, an excellent balm-care is obtained for both the cilia and the delicate skin around the eyes. You can add vitamins A and E, which stimulate hair growth, make them strong and shiny. The resulting liquid is applied with a cotton swab to the eye area (do not overdo it with the amount – it will pinch the eyes) and leave for 8-10 minutes. Lie quietly at this time and think about something pleasant.

Oil-and-vegetable compresses perfectly relax.

Flowers, SOS!

Lotions with a decoration of some plants also give the look depth and expressiveness. Cilia enhance the chamomile, thyme, sage, coltsfoot. Blue cornflower, in addition to helping thin hairs, fights with dark circles and swelling under the eyes. Cotton pads dipped in broth should be put on your eyes for 15-17 minutes. Do not press them hard, let the moisture evaporate, covering the skin with a thin film.

Black and green tea work are great for the beauty of cilia. These fragrant teapot residents relieve inflammation of the eyelids, often leading to hair loss and trauma to the follicles; also eliminate puffiness and smooth the skin of the upper eyelid. The antioxidants in tea prevent premature aging. 

Tenderness is the key to health  Eyelash

Eyelash health cannot be maintained without proper handling. A delicate thin edge gaze requires delicacy.

  • If the eye is unbearably itchy, do not rub it with your fist. Gently rub the itchy place with your finger; otherwise, you risk pulling out the eyelashes (especially if they are made up).
  • Remove makeup from the eyes only with the help of special tools. Ordinary soap over-dries the thin skin of the eyelids, hair follicles weaken, eyelashes begin to fall out.
  • Do not use mascara for too long. 6 months is the maximum period, as it dries up and complicates the life of eyelashes.

Rinse off the coloring composition with slow circular movements from the inner edge of the eye to the outer; Do not pull on eyelashes too much.

Love yourself and your cilia, and they will delight you with their length and splendor!

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