Eye makeup: How to match skin

Eye makeup: How to match skin. In the fall, our skin lacks color due to a lack of vitamin D. That’s why I want more bright colors. What colors are appropriate in eye makeup in the autumn-winter period? What to look for when creating beauty, and how can the season dictate the range of suitable shades?

Skin Care Before Eye Makeup

In the fall and winter, the skin is dry, weathered. Therefore, before eye makeup, it is important to moisturize it properly. The condition of the face is also affected by the lack of vitamin D, which is observed due to a lack of sun. Therefore, even girls with combination and oily skin need to be careful about moisturizing the area around the eyes. Owners of dry and normal skin simply must not skip this stage. Otherwise, a well-groomed look is guaranteed.

The specialist explains that it is better to use a light moisturizer 5-10 minutes before the foundation. Moreover, it must be applied with a thin layer and wait until absorbed. 

Owners of dry skin of the eyelids can also moisturize this area of ​​the face. However, a similar problem, according to the expert, is not everyone notices. For this, the makeup artist recommends that girls sometimes go to the beautician. After 25 years, age-related changes occur, and specialist advice will not be superfluous.

In order to make the skin look more well-groomed and rested in the foundation, you can add cream or liquid highlighter. With caution, this technique should be used by owners of problem skin and enlarged pores.

For those who have dry skin, the makeup artist recommends giving preference to moisturizing tonal creams. Eyelids make-up artist recommends tinting with a thin layer to avoid rolling shadows.

In this fall-winter season, metallic shades of shade are trending.

This season it is fashionable to use metallic shades of shadows. However, the mother of pearl is dangerous for girls with an impending eyelid. They need black-and-white correction of the eyes, and matte shadows do better with this.

Fine pearls and delicate radiance should be selected. They do not so emphasize the smallest folds and cracks. Girls with oily skin should take into account that pearlescent shadows they can not hold on for long.

When choosing cosmetics for eyes, Olga recommends giving preference to the creamy texture of the eye shadow. It does not require special knowledge for application and shading. On the other hand, you need to understand that not all cream shadows can be on the eyelid without fixing with a dry product. 

Ideally, one shade of cream eye shadow is taken, to which several dry ones are added. The result is a gorgeous look.

Makeup artist recommends choosing shades to match the color of eyes or clothes.

We perceive a person holistically. Shadows are close to the iris, which is why eye color cannot be ignored. However, there are quite universal shades that are present in the color of each person. Therefore, almost all Slavs will suit beige gamut or brown shades. Those who want to look brighter can take contrasting colors. Green-eyed, for example, burgundy brown or coral pink.

You need to tint the base of the eyelashes, not the tips

Next, gently blend the foundation down under the chin to get rid of the exact transition and move on. “The next step is the cream shadows.” They can be applied with a natural brush or artificial. The result depends on it. If the brush is synthetic, it will be denser to apply the product, if natural – easier. According to the makeup artist, you need to make sure that the line near the ciliary edge is even and feathery in color. Cream shadows give a wide range of work. You can make darker eye makeup or shade them a little.

It is desirable to make the ciliary edge more expressive with the help of dark brown or black shadows. The penultimate touch in makeup is to decorate and brighten with mousse shadows. They are best applied with a finger, stuffing movements. With their help, radiance will be added to the look. Then apply a highlighter on the protruding parts of the face (under the eyebrows and in the inner corners of the eye). Thanks to the highlighter, we have a beautiful transition from shade to shade and a harmonious “glow”.

Olga recommends completing eye makeup with mascara. Moreover, it is better to color the base of the eyelashes and not to use too much. The lower cilia, according to a specialist, are best painted with a small synthetic brush. This will help to avoid the accumulation of large quantities of carcasses and make them look more expressive.

Suitable makeup colors will tell nature

In autumn and winter, we all lack colors, so girls often look for color in makeup. For example, copper smokey with a copper glow in dim lighting looks harmonious and fresh.

The natural gamut, according to the expert, dictates the rules itself. Autumn can inspire the color of leaves. Makeup of such shades will look organic.

The myth that the emphasis needs to be done either on the eyes or on the lips. I believe that in makeup there should be a concept of relevance and logic. If a girl goes to a party, it will be normal to highlight both eyes and lips. If she goes to work, even light smokey may not be appropriate. I am always for imagination and for make-up to match the mood and internal state of the girl. There is nothing better than simple schemes. 

For those who have oily skin, Olga recommends powdering the result. Girls with normal skin can fix the foundation with thermal water.  – But the area under the eyes can not be puffed to anyone. It makes us older.

Natural eyebrows are in fashion today

At the end of eye makeup is to work with eyebrows. The specialist advises only to take into account your genetics.

Nature picks eyebrows for each of us, based on his oval face. Do not radically change the appearance with the help of cosmetics. Natural eyebrows are in fashion today. Those who do not have enough can use special markers, tints, wax for eyebrows. 

For those who naturally have a chic shape and fullness, Olga advises simply combing the eyebrow hairs with a gel.

In addition to cosmetics, you must not forget about quality nutrition

Do not forget that the amount of fat in the body affects the quality of the skin and complexion. Therefore, before going for expensive cosmetics, it is better to try to limit yourself in the use of soda and fast food. It also helps to get fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, Omega-9 with food and vitamins. For beauty, the body needs a comfortable amount of water. 

One or two days a week, the makeup artist advises arranging fasting days for the skin and not using makeup at all.

If the girls have problem skin, it is better to preserve it. In this case, for daily use, it is worth choosing mineral makeup. Professionals can be left for special occasions.

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