Eye makeup trends 2020

Eye makeup trends 2020. The makeup is much more than you think and does not necessarily mean a lack of confidence as many belief. It can make you feel more beautiful and energetic, but it can also be a way of expressing yourself through your makeup and your style and aesthetics. Nowadays makeup is considered art as there are really makeup artists who create complete paintings using their faces on the canvas.

There are many different styles and techniques in makeup that you often overlook because you find them difficult. So you may have fallen into the trap of doing the same makeup every day. This, of course, can be very boring so here are 5 easy tips to upgrade your makeup.

1. Add color

Earthy colors are a safe choice for most women in their makeup. But if you want to make a difference try to paint bright colors. For example, a bright purple or blue shade will make your makeup more vibrant and interesting. If you are bold enough you can try colored eyeliner or even colored mascara. They are dominated by black, so putting any other color will make you stand out. You can combine as many colors as you like. See what fits your face and style and dare it.

2. Play with the shadows

Eye makeup trends 2020

The shadows are perhaps the most interesting part of the makeup because you can use nude, dark or bright shades with what colors you want, to combine as you like and put as much shine you want. You can create infinite looks, completely different from each other. The smokey eye and cut crease are the most popular techniques, but you can do than to express. You can put it just above the eye, inside the eye, at the bottom of the eyelashes or even up to the eyebrow. Make sure you put the darkest color in the eye contour to give depth to your eye.

3. Dare different looks

Eye makeup trends 2020

Very likely you have had the same look for a long time. Look for and try to create new paints that you like and represent. Try doing something out of your water. For example, if you usually prefer a simple mascara and lipstick that refers to a more subtle and simple tint, go overboard and try once to get a sharp, dramatic smokey eye. If you never use an eye pencil, give him a chance and try it. So play with colors and techniques that you wouldn’t normally choose. This way you will feel refreshed and very likely to find new looks that suit you.

4. Add shine

Eye makeup trends 2020

There are many ways to shine on your makeup that will give you a more impressive look. Shimmering shadows are the easiest way, but you can put a shine on both your lips and your skin. On the lips, you can try different textures such as a shimmering lip gloss instead of a matte lipstick in any color. The highlighter is something that most experienced makeup artists use to give a beautiful shine to the face so you can try it too. Put on as much glitter as you want in your makeup, but be careful not to overdo it because it will have an exaggerated and unnatural effect.

5. Changed  products

One way to refresh your makeup is to make changes to your cosmetics. It goes without saying that you can have some favorite products that suit you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try more. The same products will always bring you similar looks, so if you are ready for a change you should also change your cosmetics. In the market, there is a huge variety of companies with many different shapes for each product so you can definitely find new cosmetics that will renew your makeup.

Eye makeup trends 2020

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