Face care products for summer

Face care products for summer. As the warm weather begins to feel, it’s time to get organized, change your daily beauty routine and discover what season-appropriate products you need to add to your daily routine.

Here are the top 5 essentials Face care products you’ll definitely need as we get closer to summer:

1. Lighter moisturizing

Usually, in winter, our skin is easier to dry than in summer, so we choose the heaviest moisturizing cream we can find. But when the weather starts to get warmer, we need to replace both day cream and night cream with lighter ones. There is no need for intense hydration when we warm-up and the natural moisture of our body comes to hydrate our skin. If you continue to use heavy moisturizing cream in the spring and summer, it is possible that you may have oily skin, which it does.

2. Powder for a matte finish

Whatever efforts we make, sometimes it is simply impossible to get rid of the oil on our skin and this condition is exacerbated by the gradual increase in temperature. To keep your skin looking flawless and to keep your makeup in place throughout the day, a matte finish powder will become your best friend as it can remove the oiliness of your skin and stabilize it your makeup.

3. Serum

Although it is important to reduce moisture levels, the serum is an essential part of your face care and should be included in your daily beauty routine. The serum will allow the moisturizing cream to penetrate the skin better and keep it adequately hydrated throughout the day. It doesn’t add extra hydration as many mistakenly believe. In fact, it helps to balance the pH of the skin, preventing it from becoming too greasy or too dry.

4. Peeling

Your skin still needs a good scrub every so often, even in summer. Once or twice a week, it is a good idea to remove dead skin cells and allow your healthy skin to shine. The same is true for oily skin, in order to keep your skin balanced and properly hydrated.

5. Sunscreen

Although it is widely known that we have to use sunscreen all year long, it is a fact that many of us do not adhere to this rule during the winter. But experts insist that if there is one single product we should always use, this is sunscreen. It is the number one way to prevent early wrinkles and signs of time. The sun may not be so hot in the spring but the truth is that UV rays threaten our skin. In addition to the facial area, it is important to apply sunscreen to the neck and neckline.

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