Fight freckles in natural ways

Fight freckles in natural ways. Freckles are one of the problems that many women face. There are freckles that come from gene development or freckles created by other factors in our lifetime.

The former cannot be fought and need not, because nature knows better than all of us what suits every human being. So she chooses who to give them and whom not.

But for those that are created as we grow older, the solutions are many and easy. But before we go into the fight against freckles, it is good to know exactly what freckles are and what their types are. Let’s see how to Fight freckles in natural ways

What are freckles?

These are circular spots on the skin of small size.

Their growth on the skin can be accidental and usually occur after continuous exposure to the sun. Their most common appearance is limited to the upper part of the body. And more specifically on the nose, cheeks, upper extremities and shoulders. It is also worth noting that they can occur even in children aged 1-2 years.

The so-called panads are often uniform in color. However, from person to person they may vary in color. Common colors that freckles get are yellowish, brown or reddish.

After exposure to sunlight, they tend to darken and when Winter comes the sun is milder, returning to its original color. It is also common to observe the fading of these circular spots as one gets older and older.

What are the types of freckles that exist?

Freckles have two basic types:

1. The simple freckles

2. Freckles caused by sunburn

What are the ways to prevent the appearance of freckles?

In addition to freckles of genetic origin, which we cannot change, we can take some precautionary measures to make them appear. These are:

1. Always sun exposure with at least SPF30 (Sun Protection Factor).

2. Always wear your hat when in the sun.

3. Choosing clothes that cover as much of your body as possible, such as shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants.

4. Finally, you should avoid being exposed to the sun’s rays from 10 am. to 4 pm

How can you fight and eradicate freckles?

1. Proper nutritional supplements can help treat and eliminate freckles. Specifically, vitamin C is usually a vitamin that needs to be increased by those who have freckles. This is due to the fact that the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun when there is a lack of vitamin C in the body, which also results in the deposition of more melanin. So try incorporating more vitamin C foods into your diet, such as citrus fruits and especially oranges, apples, grapes, etc.

2. Another great ally in the fight against freckles is lemon juice. Research has shown that lemon is a very good remedy for treating both freckles and any other skin discoloration. If you want to rub a piece of lemon in the spots where freckles have appeared or simply use the juice of the lemon and spread it with the help of your fingers. Both methods are equally effective.

3. Try washing your face with sour milk, which is also considered a very good method of treating freckles. In particular, lactic acid contained in sour milk can make a gentle peeling – peeling off your skin without causing it to dry.

4. Make a simple and nutritious lotion with natural parsley juice in combination with equal amounts of red currant juice, orange juice, and lemon juice. Then apply it under your moisturizer and keep the freckles invisible.

5. Another interesting solution that usually has very good effects on the disappearance of freckles is the application of whitening cream.

6. Applying a face cream with cream can also be a very good way of treating freckles. All you need to keep in mind is that after applying it you should apply your moisturizer.

7. But besides the natural solutions for freckles, there are also invasive solutions, such as laser treatment. These special lasers that produce green light have the ability to safely and effectively eliminate freckles.

8. Finally, cryosurgery is a method based on the application of a light liquid nitrogen freeze to the places where freckles are present.

Fight freckles in natural ways

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